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    Asylum Deco Package1

    Thought I would go ahead and make this package for public download. This package includes the basics to make a hallway for an Asylum or old Hospital level. Models are based off reference from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. All that I ask is if you use them please give me credit in the readme file.

    Just remember after you load the package you will need to duplicate them and embed them into you're level. Otherwise you will need to include this package with you're map. Which if you plan to release for PS3 will not work because it can't read custom packages.

    To embed them into you're map you will need to do a few steps. First right click on the mesh you want to use then click duplicate. It will popup some options change the package to you're level. Repeat for the materials and textures for that mesh.

    Download Here

    Thx for sharing!