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Terminator: Resistance mod Recutment

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    Terminator: Resistance mod Recutment

    Hi there! Me and my friend have started code work, and testing on a Terminator mod based off of all the current movies, and the TV show. We are in desperate need of modlers and skinners!

    We have at least 25 weapons, and 10 vehicles that need to be done. We have **** loads of images, and refrence matrials to work form, and on top of that the weapon models are only needed for third person, and loads. (We use an over the sholdier gameplay system with a soon to be implamented cover system)

    Anybody who can also model chars as well would be welcome to help the project. I currently am head lore/information man, and second head tester.

    Anybody who can help us get this mod off the ground with some visable content would be vary usefull!

    Last but not least we also need at least two mapers who can make a realisitc ruined NYC, and Texas land scapes with cover for people to move around in, and room enough for vehicles to have some fun as well.

    You need only PM me, or Marilol............

    You can also post in this thread as well:

    You only need one thread to post the recruitment, putting it in several forums is not going to help you.