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    Package Mismatch

    Ok so i am running into some odd issues. My mod team cooked out a build of our mod to day. We all ran the installer everything works good on that end. But when trying to join a multiplayer game it tells us package mismatch???

    The mod was not installed on any of the test computers before.... so how is it having a package mismatch???

    First, how is the multiplayer game being hosted? Is the server being launched on one of the test machines from within the game? Is the server on a remote machine running a dedicated server?

    If the server is running on a remote machine, are you positive all files from your current build (I'm assuming you have different builds) were uploaded to the server? Did you stop the server prior to uploading? Are the test computers and server all patched to the same version of UT3?

    Does the package mismatch error state which package is causing the problem? If not, try editing UTEngine.ini on the server. Under the section [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver], set AllowDownloads to True and see if the server tries to push any files to the client.

    I actually ran into a similar situation when version 2.1 came out. My server was still running 2.0 and when a client with 2.1 tried to connect, the server was trying to push files to them because of a package mismatch.

    This is all I can think of at the moment. Hope it helps!!