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custom krall-based char showing up as default iron guard dude in-game?

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    custom krall-based char showing up as default iron guard dude in-game?

    hi guys

    i just made a custom char skinned to krall skeleton in maya, exported via actorX, imported all parts in UE3. now, the character shows up fine in the UT3 character selection screen, but when i load the char in-game (deathmatch) it just shows up as an iron guard human male.

    plus, a weird thing i noticed using the krall skeleton is that there is no L_Ankle or R_Ankle to socket the jumpboots to...

    two questions:

    1) is there something funky i need to do to get a krall-based char working in-game (and not show up as the default iron guard human)

    2) what joint do we socket jumpboots to on the krall skeleton?

    thanks, jag

    The krall skel doesn't use b_LeftAnkle but rather b_LeftFoot. (I assume you meant b_LeftAnkle and not L_Ankle). So you will have to change your bone names from ankle to foot. You will also have to add these lines to your custom family info file.

    This is taken right from the UTFamilyInfo_Krall_Male file. Basically this is a workaround for the Krall chars having to do with the skeletal controls that determine foot placement in game among other things. The ones used are set up for the human skel and don't work properly with the Krall skel, hence this workaround.
    The incorrect naming of your foot bones is most likely your problem but check your log file to make sure. The reason the char works in the character select screen is because it's using the skeleton defined in the family info script
    and not the one you exported.


      kobra, you're a saint! i followed your advice and my krall-based creation now works in-game in addition to the char select screen.

      screenies to follow...



        Glad to know things worked out jaggedpuffy. I look forward to seeing the screen shots




            Okay, those characters look absolutely MENTAL! I really love the girl in the monster suit!

            Also, where did you get the Krall skele for Maya? I can only find Denny's (fantastic professionally rigged) skeleton for the human male, but I like making monsters and girls more than ordinary boys.

            Did you export them from the max files or use a converter or what?

            And, when can we download your creations - if you want to share them, that is?