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    Static Mesh Questions

    1. If you look at the wood ammo crates stacked against the back wall you'll notice a light color band running down the left side of the crate. I was wondering if anyone knew what is causing this, and how to fix it? Is this occurring because of my hard edges. If I soften the edges in Maya will it fix the problem?

    - Here is a screen capture from Unreal -

    - Here is a render of the crate in Maya -

    2. The normals on the vertical boards on each end of the crate and the top and bottom appear ok, but the normals on the front of the crate and back appear to be lost. What is the cause and how do I fix it?

    - Here is a shot of the Normals -

    - Here is a pic of my Light setup in Unreal -

    3. The tutorials I've found about exporting meshes from Maya try to explain the naming conventions to be used but they are unclear. The MCDCX_ is a prefix or suffix? and it is used on both the collision and mesh or just the collision? The crate itself is named SM_AmmoCrate and the collision box is named like in the image below.

    - Here is a shot of my collision box naming convention in Maya -

    Thanks for your help in advance. This is driving me nuts. Any tips and crit are also welcome.


    I am asuming you have normal maps, try this set the normals to 100% smooth. The normal map should take care of any hard edges for you.


      Where do I make the adjustment Apophis?


        The MCDCX should be a prefix ... so in your case you should have MCDCX_AmmoCrate.


          Click on top menu normals then go to soften. Also change youre collision tag, MCDCX is for the older unreal. UT3 uses a new type of collison called UCX_ really not sure what the difference is but yeah


            Thanks for the help on this. I know it was forever ago.