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teleporter using [use] key

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    teleporter using [use] key

    How do I get a teleporter to only move the player if the player is on it and presses the use key? It's a UTTeleporterCustomMesh, not just a UTTeleporter, if that makes any difference.



      There is a "Trigger Used" thing in Kismet, not sure about if there is a "Teleport" thing though. Check it out.


        I'll try that.

        [EDIT] I suppose I could make a trigger that adds n to the player's x, y and z location. Could I use the "instigator" thing on the trigger event in Kismet to tell which actor to move? I'm a bit of a newb to Kismet.

        If I do it this way, I wouldn't even need the teleporter at all, which wouldn't be a problem as it's supposed to be invisible anyway.


          Originally posted by Shivan Hunter View Post
          Whaa, how!?
          I copy and pasted that for my thread and it jsut coems up as a link.
          How u do that!?


            use the [IMG] tag to the image from another message board.

            [I MG][/I MG]
            (don't keep the spaces in the [IMG] tags)


            Further explanation: All the smileys from all message boards are stored somewhere. right-click and select "copy image location" and you have the URL which can be used with the IMG tags.

            [EDIT] Also, the IMG tags count toward the 10 char limit, so it is possible just to post a smiley.


              OK, I have what seems to be a preliminary setup for a Kismet-based teleporter, but I'm at a loss as to what to put into the "destination" field.

              Also, will my attaching "player" to "instigator" have any adverse side effects? Only working with Player no. 0? Teleporting all players when one uses a trigger?

              EDIT: nvm. I made a new variable using pathnode 0 and it workz.

              My question about the players still stands, though.

              EDIT2: Oh ****, can I get this to work with bots? I play single player a lot so I'd really like bots to be able to use this.


                Got another question. bAimToInteract doesn't seem to completely work. The trigger still doesn't fire unless it's in front of me within a 180 degree field of view. How do I get the trigger to still fire if it's behind me?


                  Maybe, put the x-porter over some goodie the player/bot will go after, like ammo or health or that funny colored floor tile over there.

                  Put some mesh or other to the sides so that the player/bot is channeled over it.

                  You can tie the sound effect to the trigger, as well if you want sound.