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Raindrop glass material Unreal3

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    Raindrop glass material Unreal3

    Hi guys,

    im creating an indoor scene set within a stormy exterior, its going to be raining outside and i was basically wondering if anybody could tell me how to create animated rain pouring down the windows (the way glass looks in reality when it gets rained on), i think it'll add greatly to the effect of rain which i already have within my environment.

    does anybody know how to create such material? is there an existing material within unreal i can study?

    thanks alot

    this is a rather simple material to create, all you need to do is create an unlit translucent material, hook up a 'foggy' type texture for the glass to the emissive. I'd add a cubemap to it, maybe multiply it down to like .2. hook up your opacity constant, a smaller number should be decent.

    for your rain drops simply make a texture that represents your rain drops themselves, you can do it as a panning texture or a flip book texture, i'd recommend a panner or even possibly a combination. you need to create a normal map off this. drop it into the 'distort' area, with the panner or if you're using a flipbook the appropriate hookups for it...

    i'm not sure how familiar you are with the material editor... if you're not that familiar I think someone will get you some more detailed instructions, i'm about to fly out for E3 so i won't be around for a while.

    good luck!


      Thanks for you're reply,

      i think i kind of get what you're saying, but im not 100% and will have to experiment, if someone could elaborate on this id highly appreciate it, if not im sure ill get there eventually...hopefully.

      Thanks for you're help and have fun at E3.


        Basically: You will need to create a normal-map for the raindrops on a surface. you may need a 3D ap for this. The verry basic way to get it working is to pan the normal map downward and assign it to a translucent material's Distortion channel. I personally would go further than this, probably adding two panning normal maps together for some variation.


          Thanks for that

          i get what you're saying, instead of using a 3d app ill just create the images in ps and use crazy bump to render out a few normal maps. cheers


            There are a few particle emitters that simulate rain running down windows you could use them, i do believe there is also some meshes that utilize it aswell without the particle, check out CTF-Coret


              an example

              check out the trailer next to the sprinklers in my dm-trailertrashed
              youtube vid
              use the hd button on player
              if you have time dl it from