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Different audio tracks question

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    Different audio tracks question

    I've been digging through the forums trying to find information on how to set up all of the different audio tracks, but I can never find something that just says "If you have six tracks you want to use for Intro, Ambient, Action, etc. then this is what you need to do."

    Right now the intro track will play when I first start the level. After that is done, it will play the ambient track. The action track seems to randomly play (perhaps I need to stay in combat longer). The suspense, tension, and victory tracks never play.


    Any help is appreciated.

    Do you have to put them in an "Arrangement"? All I really know is that I picked an existing one out of the generic browser when I added music to my level, and it went between the different tracks on its own, including the "stings" (I think that's what they were called) for scoring a kill, dying etc.

    I didn't see how to create an Arrangement, but I didn't look very hard either... I'd be interested to find out though


      Some of this sounds are used or not according to the gametype your are.
      For example, Suspense and Tension are not use in DM as far I know.
      Victory is played when a player get a powerup.

      For more info, take a look here :


        It's a CTF map, so the other tracks should work.


          The conditions stated by Zyth in the above link can be a bit hard to test.

          Victory should cue up when you specifically grab the flag AND are not engaged in combat.

          You won't hear Suspense unless you let a bot or a teammate grab the flag AND you are not in combat.

          Tension requires that an opposing team player grab your flag AND you not be in combat.

          Seems like you may want to avoid getting into combat (giving or receiving damage {though I may go as far as avoid weapon fire in vicinity for testing}) instead of trying to get more combat to test with.

          They are all for Ambient overrides and all require a non-combat status. That can be a bit tough with bot testing. You may have to use live peoples that can resist shooting at others. (You know, people that can actually Beta test properly. )


            I tried testing it by playing without any bots and taking the enemy flag. So I assume those tracks will only take effect if you trigger the actions without combat and there are other players in the server?

            I also tried sitting in a corner and letting the bots take the enemy flag, and let them take my flag, and listened for a track change and nothing happened.