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Strange Interactions: Feign Death, Kismet Teleport, Static Mesh

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    Strange Interactions: Feign Death, Kismet Teleport, Static Mesh


    I've been piecing together a few ideas and have run into a few strange things.

    First, I've been playing City of Heroes, and being an MMO and being that fall damage can't directly kill you there, the few places where they have structures hovering over an abyss have a TeleportToBeginningZ instead of a KillZ for when you fall off. I thought this was a pretty cool idea; I'm not a big fan of instant death traps.

    I've recreated this with a TriggerVolume and the Kismet Teleport command (plus some munge that forces a flag return in the player is carrying it), and it works great -- I've already got a fall-slowing zone to allow players to jump off of a tall structure, fall through clouds, and land for a moderate health penalty, so I've got places I could sneak in teleport destinations that send you through that; end result is about 25-30 damage instead of an instant death.

    Unless you hit feign death on the way down. Then you die as you teleport and your view freezes inside the postpro blur inside my cloud layer. (I have teleport destinations above and outside of any special volumes, too, and a random switch to pick a destination, they all cause death.)

    This, um, dosen't make much sense. It dosen't happen with normal teleporters, either; I dodge-flung myself through the teleporters on CTF-Face while hitting feign and the worst that happened was some Silent Hill-esque twitching when parts of my ragdoll were embedded in the ground; I could get back up with no problems.

    (I also have had no luck teleporting the player / player's camera on death with kismet ....)

    The other, erm, interesting thing that happens (er, kills you) when using feign death involves a non-(properly)-blocking static mesh.

    I had just imported this Giant Slanted Helix Staircase of Doom, and haven't set up a proper collision mesh for it yet, I just want to see if it works for the dang level or if I'm going back to the modeling bench.

    So, per this Hourences tutorial, I turn off UseSimpleBoxCollision and UseSimpleLineCollision, which is supposed to enable per-poly collision. I can't remember offhand if I turned off UseSimpleRigidBodyCollision as he mentions, I'll have to check when I get home later.

    Anyway, I still can't stand on the dang thing, though it blocks Enforcer shots (didn't try projectiles), and if I throw myself at it in Feign Death mode, it instakills me as I touch it. O_O.

    its a new thing with a patch i believe (not 100% sure). It worked before, but all of the sudden everything that does not have rigidbody collision checked will kill fegin death users.