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Extras in the character models?

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    Extras in the character models?

    Okay, so I'm starting to model some characters, and I have the skeleton file, but for the record it was converted to Maya. The skeleton comes not only with the skeleton, but also unpainted models of the characters, which will make it really easy to make sure everything lines up.

    There seems to be a lot of extra stuff with these models, though.

    First of all, there are like four versions of the player model in the scene, particularly, a couple low-poly versions. When I create a custom character, do I need or otherswise am benifited somehow by having low-poly models of my custom characters?
    Also, the face is richly detailed. Is the head really supposed to be made up of so many polygons? And furthermore, the head has things like whole eyeballs, teeth, and a tounge. I'm quite certain that the characters in the game never open their mouth, and on top of that I see no animation bones for it. What's up with that? What sort of detail is the head really supposed to have?
    Also, the seperated segments, within Maya, cannot be moved whatsoever. I don't know what that's about, but I imagine it doesn't matter since I am making entirely new geometry.
    And finally, I seem to be seeing two skeletons. Is this a glitch of some sort, or is there some purpose to having a second skeleton?

    Herrrr, Hmm...

    You know, I guess this head and such could be the high-res models used for making the normal maps and such, but they seem to lack a certain amount of detail for that, and also apart from the head they really do seem like something that could be rendered in-game.
    But still, I'm just not sure.

    lets see if i can shed some light for you,
    1. yes you could do lower res versions of your model but for PC gaming not really nessesary. Go for a total of 9-12k polys
    2. the head mesh go for ca 1k polys and more than that is a bit of a waste, some characters have heads upto 5k polys (eyes+mouth+teeth.....) only useful for doing cinematics.
    3. not sure as i don't use (hate) maya so i can't help there
    4. yes there are 2 skeletons in the file you can delete all the bones/bits that start with Bip01 as these are for use in 3ds max

    hope this helps


      Well it is of course very nice to have polycount guidelines, no doubt about that.
      I'm going to want to find out the reccomendations for the individual parts at some point, too. And... 9,000 to 12,000 really? Man, the characters I'm building are going to be a cakewalk.

      But still, i was wondering why there are so many versions of the player model in the file. Are these LOD version?


        yeh i think so, i just looked at them to get the uv regions (important). when i say 9-12k you can go over that but try and make "A" character mesh be with those counts eg:- head + torso + arms + thighs + boots + pads

        just use the poly counts for each part as a guide line and you can't go wrong