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Force bots to jump over a trap

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    Force bots to jump over a trap


    I am having a problem with bots pathing on my map.
    There is a small lava river that you can jump over easily, but with standards path nodes (on both side) , the bots keep walking so they fall into lava (which hurts ).

    Is there a way to make them JUMP over it?
    Thank you

    Try blocking volume that blocks paths only. Put it higher than ground level so it cuts out all walking paths, and force engine to use jumping ones.

    If this does not work you can also try to manually forbid some paths, but its futile as editor loves to correct this and reenable them.


      Ew, tried this, doesnt work sadly...


        I wouldn't expect a lot of feedback unless you provide a few details.


          You're right, Im giving explanations.

          There is a picture of the nodes:

          I have tried the above solution using a blocking volume, but it either dont change anything on bots behaviour or just block them if too high.

          There is no way to just move up the path nodes, they go back near to the ground after rebuilding.
          Are there "special nodes" available? I did'nt find some in the Actor Classes...


            I was advised to change normal path nodes to translocator destinations to aid the bots do some trickier movements. It helped a bit on my map where the bots need to do a few double jumps to get over some crates.


              so did the bots then actually do the double jumps as needed? there are still some very difficult things to FORCE bots to do, like the lava jump question. It's trivial thing to a human, but UT3 bots don't have much of a self-preservation drive, so they just walk into the lava and die. Does the translocator destination function like a pathnode, but now the bot may actually jump?

              I must admit, I have many problems with bot pathing in maps because I don't fully understand how they are programmed to respond to unusual requests -- again, this lava jump being a good example.


                Thank you for helping. As lava dont kill instantly most bots survive their failure, but that's still an issue.

                I've tried the teleport destination thing: all pathnodes to tp. dest., only the outer half, only the inner half. Nothings works, they still walk right into lava (from the inner platform) then they jump onto the side, but too last, they get hurt.

                They should jump before going into lava, but I dont see how they could to this.
                Furthermore I dont remember if such things happen in UT3...
                In fact, I dont remember such situations in the game :|


                  I just take a look to your map, your lava is make with terrain, so the bots think they can walk on it !

                  make the lava at this place with a sheet and without collision


                    Aaaawwwwww. Stupid idea to use a terrain here.

                    Congratulations, it works perfectly now, bots are jumping high in the air. Thank you!

                    *** Problem solved ***


                      Hehe, simple solutions are often the hardest to find.

                      Do they now work with the normal pathnodes, or did you leave the special nodes in?