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Making a custom vehicle, need some help

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    Making a custom vehicle, need some help

    Hi folks

    I'm currently in the middle of making a custom vehicle for Unreal 3.

    Obviously it's not finished yet, but there are a couple of things that i'm hoping you guys can help me with.

    Firstly, I was planning to use the Raptor as a starting point, has anyone here made a flying vehicle or have any tips for me?

    Secondly, this image shows a complication of the design.

    If that's roughly the in-game view, then the gun isn't visible, so you can't see what you're shooting at. Does anyone know of a way to switch to a first-person view of the vehicle to be able to see what you're aiming at? Or perhaps any other solutions you might know of?

    I'd be grateful for any input you guys can give me on this, tasty cookies for the first poster!

    For the coding side... start off by extending UTVehicle_Raptor_Content, then slowly replace all the bits until only custom code remains and switch to extending UTAirVehicle instead.

    If you're having problems with the code, post in the programming forum.


      Tasty cookies for you sir, thankyou!

      Any idea if switching to first-person weapon view is even possible?


        Its done in the "seat" part of the vehicle. I took this line from the UTVehicle_Raptor_Content.

        Seats(0)=(GunClass=Class'UTGameContent.UTVWeap_Rap torGun',GunSocket=("Gun_Socket_01","Gun_Socket_02" ),GunPivotPoints=("left_gun","rt_gun"),WeaponEffec ts=((SocketName="Gun_Socket_01",Offset=(X=-55.000000,Y=-3.000000,Z=0.000000),Scale3D=(X=6.000000,Y=6.00000 0,Z=6.000000)),(SocketName="Gun_Socket_02",Offset= (X=-55.000000,Y=-3.000000,Z=0.000000),Scale3D=(X=6.000000,Y=6.00000 0,Z=6.000000))),TurretControls=("gun_rotate_lt","g un_rotate_rt"),CameraTag="ViewSocket",CameraOffset=-384.000000,SeatIconPOS=(X=0.450000,Y=0.400000))
        Try changing the CameraOffset.


          That's great, thanks a lot guys =)


            Hi again folks

            Got a little further now, I have been doing some tests on a simple model to see if I can get that working.

            I've hit a bit of a snag

            In the image, i'm flying the vehicle, it flies fine, goes every direction. The tiny problem is that while the vehicle moves, I don't move with it. I can see the vehicle zoom off into the distance, and weapons fire from the camera.

            When I exit the vehicle, I exit where the vehicle is so i'm guessing it's something to do with the camera? Will the camera offset fix that? Any help would be great


              check your launch.log for errors, maybe it can't find your vehicles camera socket

              ps i've just put a flyer vehicle in-game works fine-ist with the raptor code


                Yeah the camera socket had gone missing =/
                It's in there now, first weapon and camera is fine, just trying to get the secondary weapon to fire now.

                Good to know it's not a lost cause then heh, thanks


                  Me again folks,

                  i'm having trouble getting animations working on my vehicle, i've set it up so that the animation plays in the editor windows, just not in-game.

                  I've tried applying the code from some of the other vehicles to mine, but none of them seem to work. Using the animation code found in the Scorpion files, I can get the code to compile but nothing happens.
                  I tried to make sense of the Fury's code but that doesn't compile and I get red errors when I try.

                  This is the code I used, I put it in the Content text file;

                  simulated function PostBeginPlay()

                  The animation file, animset and playanimsequence node are all called 'birdrig'. Am I missing something else?

                  Thanks for any help