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how can I block particle effects ? (preventing snow to penetrate a wall) [SOLVED]

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    how can I block particle effects ? (preventing snow to penetrate a wall) [SOLVED]


    I want to prevent emitter oriented snowstorm to enter my building.

    there is a building outside and there are several snowstorm emitters
    ( P_EFX_Snow_LargeDrift @ Envy_Effects @ Particle System )

    but snowstorm penetrates walls and enters buildings interior.

    how can I block these particle effects to enter my building ?

    ( I have tried BlockingVolume @ add volume section )

    thanks in advance.

    solved, thanks for your help.

    you could create your own snow emiiter (or dublicate the stock ones) and add the colission nodes to them then the snowflakes should not go into buildings.


      thank you,

      can you explain it a little more.

      I would like to use the stormy wind effect which I'm using now.
      ( P_EFX_Snow_LargeDrift @ Envy_Effects @ Particle System )

      how can I add collusion nodes to them ?


        You open the particle system in the particle system editor (Cascade Editor), and add a Collision module under the emitter you wish to add collision to. Be sure to make max collisions zero, otherwise the particles will bounce off walls and such.


          thank you.

          I think my emitter is not a sophisticated as you guess.

          here is how I put that on my screen (in order to explain what I am actually using on my scene now)

          1- open generic browser
          2- load Envy Effects
          3- sub select Particle systems
          4- filter "snow"
          5- select "P_EFX_Snow_LargeDrift"
          6- right click on the screen
          7- Add Actor > Add emitter:P_EFX_Snow_LargeDrift

          I tried these...
          First I select it, and select VIEW > ACTOR PROPETIES

          there are lotf of tabs at that window.
          but COLLISION and EMITTER should the ones which I need to use.
          I tried every check box... still no collision for my storm.

          can you describe your solution step by step ?
          I'm having hard time to find cascade editor.

          thanks in advance.


            you first have to duplicate the emitter into your map package (there is a tutorial stickied)

            then doubleclick it in the generic browser and do what musilowski sayd. when that is done do what you did before with the modified emitter.


              thank you guys for helping me.
              I have done that and it worked.

              it seams that I was missing one point after dublicationg the particle emitter.
              I couldn't add collision properly even it's described above
              my classmate explained and showed my missing point and everything solved.

              thank you all.