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Kismet Movement Of InterpActors Simple Question --->HELP!

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    Kismet Movement Of InterpActors Simple Question --->HELP!

    Yo yo yo!!!

    Ok listen up i got a problem that i hope you can help me with...
    The person that answers the question shall recive 100000 cookies ^_^

    I got these meshes that i have attached to some other meshes
    The movement of these meshes are very simple - they jsut go up and down.

    I got 4 meshes working exactly like i wanted them to - they go up and down with the speed i wanted and they"re doing the job. (These 4 meshes are basically one - they have the same movement track.

    My problem is this:
    I took some other meshes that i wanted to do the same thing (up and down movement) I did them the same way as i normally do - but i then took the movement track of them and gave them a different timing than the 4 others.
    I changed the time of the new ones as 0.50 sec instead of 1.50

    But something strange happens here - when i view the sequence via matinee and ingame then the original 4 meshes are moving at 0.50 sec - wich is not at all good...

    I hope that sombody can tell me what im doing wrong here...
    A part of me have wondered if i should make a new matinee node (still keep the old one, but make a new one and then set the sequence up in there)

    I need your help with this and ASAP plz ^^

    Can you post a screenshot of your Kismet and your Matinee curves?

    Does each object have its own Matinee object in Kismet, or do they share the same one?

    If you want their movements to be completely independent, each InterpActor needs its own Matinee object.


      Well i do want thier movements to be independent - ""each InterpActor needs its own Matinee object. ""

      So basically lets say i have a lift and there are 4 meshes attached to that lift - then i do the movement of that life in one matinee.

      Then if i got some elavators that move differently than the lift then i need to make another matinee and set up the sequence in there?


        It depends on the situation and what you mean by "move differently"...but most likely yes. Each Matinee sequence has a specific length and play rate and every group and track within it is linked to that. So if you want two movers (or groups of movers) to move at different times or to have their movements last differing amounts of time, then they must be in two separate Matinee sequences.

        Now you could create two groups within a single matinee and have one move for 0.5 seconds and the other one for 1.5 seconds, but after the first one moves it will sit there motionless for the remaining 1.0 seconds until the other one finishes or until the sequence ends (depending on how long your sequence is set to be with the red time markers).


          You need one Matinee per individual animation - each lift, each moving piece of machinery, each spaceship flying through the air, etc.

          If you have four extra meshes attached to a lift mesh, then only the main lift platform InterpActor needs to be animated in Matinee. For the other components, then you just attach them to the main lift platform via their properties and they will automatically move wherever and however the object they are attached to moves (they still need to be InterpActors).

          If you have two lifts, then each lift needs its own Matinee.

          If you have one animation that has multiple objects moving in multiple ways (like a lift with a door in front of it) then you have one Matinee with multiple movement tracks:
          Track 1 will be the bottom door - the door closes at time = 0 seconds to 2 seconds.
          Track 2 will be the lift platform - the lift moves up from time = 2 seconds to 8 seconds.
          Track 3 will be the top door - the door opens at time = 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

          All movement tracks in one matinee play simultaneously, hence the need to start each animation at the right time. This is how you animate a complex sequence of animations (like DM-HeatRay, where the spaceship arrives and drops in a Darkwalker every so often).

          (Note - An actual lift with doors would probably be much more complex than this to animate).

          Hourences mover touorial describes how to add movement tracks and how to attach objects to movers:


            ffejnosliw and Vectorspace thanks so much for the help! - After having read through Hourences tut on movers then i have decided to use the predefined setup (In UT3, a special Kismet Setup is available in for elevators. Select your Interpactor, and then go to Kismet and rightclick New Event - Physics - Mover.)

            And it works perfectly with what ive made (so far)

            I decided to do a matinee for each sequence (a life will get one matinee - a door will get another matinee etc etc.)

            doing that spaceship dropping in the walker must have taken a hell of a lot of work to do O_o.

            But when everything has been said and done i thank you both for the help
            Really appreciate it ^^

            You shall both recive 10000000 cookies of your choice ^^