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Simple Kismet Sequence Help!!!

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    Simple Kismet Sequence Help!!!

    Yo yo yo boys and girls! ^^

    First of all - im gonna start with saying whoever gives me a functional answer for this question will be given 100000 cookies!! <---Cookies pwn everything (even Bambi)

    Anyways i need ya help - Im gonna try to tell you what i want.

    I got these couples of machinery - there are some meshes attached to them
    The meshes that are attached to them are interpactors - Because i want them to move via a simple movement track in matinee

    The movement itself is very very simple they just go up and down and up and down and up and down - I know how to set this up - But what i dont know is this:

    How on earth do i make them "play" from the start of the level to the end? - I want them to be moving (the up and down movement) from start to finish of the level - i dont want them beeing triggered by players - they should just start moving from the second the level starts till the level ends.

    I rly hope somebody can help me with this ^_^ - And as promised if you give me the right answer that can make this work then ill give you
    100000 cookies!!!


    new event > level start up

    Plug that into the play input of the matinee node

    so I like oatmeal cookies with raisins ^_^


      Ohh no!!! - I was just about to send a whole bunch of oatmeal cookies with raisins....

      but but but!! - It didnt work dude

      I selected the meshes i needed and did the following:

      Attached them all the the machinery i wanted.
      Then i right clicked on them all and said: Convert-Mover
      Then i went into Matinee and did a movement track for them all.
      Then i took the level start up thingy and pluggedit into the play of the matinee node
      Then in the level start up i said 0 in MaxTriggerCount.

      And this didnt work


        Ok listen up! - I did get them working now

        BUT BUT BUT!!! - They go up but dont down ROFL!

        Im guessing i have to make use of the Reverse plug in the Matinee node

        But what should i connect to it? - Not the levelStartUp right?


          well if you do the up and down animation you can turn on bLooping on the matinee node.

          or if you just do the up animation you can plug the play to completed then completed to aborted then aborted to play again.

          This will make it play then reverse then play again ....

          hope this helps


            aCK ACK Ack this is driving me nuts - Since i only have done the up animation then i took your advise about:

            "or if you just do the up animation you can plug the play to completed then completed to aborted then aborted to play again."

            I ould connect the Play to completed - but i could not connect the completed to aborted


              Yo AirRun!

              I looked a bit at and found a way to do this - I thank you many times for your help man - rly appreciate it!! ^_^

              You shall recive 1000000000000000 oatmeal cookies with raisins ^_^


                glad you got it working