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Game breakable actor ..... yet another thread

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    Game breakable actor ..... yet another thread

    Ok so I have a actor the breaks on dmg. and can emit particles when it happens.

    What I can't get working is a static mesh swap.

    so far this is what I have.

    static with collision placed as breakable actor and the emitter placed too

    then in kismet I have:
    New event using game breakable actor -> take damage

    plug the out into a new action/actor/destroy (target is the game breakable actor obj var)

    then the destory out to a new action/toggle/toggle (target the emitter)

    I see lots of ways to get the static to swap but nothing seems to work.

    any help would be awesome!

    I think you may be over complicating what you need to do here. Also, game breakable actors do weird things and are tricksy IMO

    You need very little kismet when working with game breakable actors for the purpose of swapping meshes and activating emitters because that is built into the actor properties. Before I dig into this though, have you tried playing around with the breakableSteps portion of the gamebreakableactor properties on your actor? It sounds like this would allow you to do everything you to do everything you need.


      Thanks Tiki, I got it shortly after I posted this ... Just seemed I had to say it out load hahah

      I did try the breakable steps but it didn't seem to work right.


        NP, glad to hear it worked out


          Instead of starting a new thread to ask my question (as that seems to irritate people :P) I figured I'd just revive a two year old thread (which I'll probably be reamed for anyway) by asking my question here...

          Ok, same issue as the guy above more or less.

          I'm using a game breakable actor but when I do the mesh swap using the breaking steps the initial mesh just seems to disappear and the new mesh doesn't appear.

          Oh, I am using Unreal Editor not UDK, by the way.