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Help Changing Map Name in Vote List

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    Help Changing Map Name in Vote List

    Ok, I'm trying to change the name of a few maps as they appear in the map voting list on my server...
    I figured that could be done by changing the name in the ctf-mapname.ini file but i have tried changing 'mapname' and 'friendlyname' and the name at the top of the maps ini, but the name in the list stays the same...

    so for example: i want to change "MapName" to display as "MapName(Extra Info)"

    anyone know if this is possible or would it require rebuilding the map (which wouldnt make any sense for me to do).

    i dont want to change the name of the map file (which would make ppl have to DL again) just the way it appears in the list.

    thanks for any input on this!

    I could be wrong, but I think that's set in the World Properties window in the editor. I'll be able to check it out tonight though. If that's the case, then yeah, it would require changing the maps and re-downloading all of them for your players. Lame. I'll doublecheck though.


      thx - im hoping theres a way to do it - you would think itd be an ini setting but i tried what seem to be all options and none changed it so... thx for your checkin


        Yeeeeeah... that would require UT3 to have "features" and "options"


          maybe a future version of WebAdmin could have a way to customize the map lists a little better including using a 'friendly name' of some sort that we could configure. the map vote list is just one of the things that could have been done ALOT better... (not webadmins fault but maybe some help could come there?)


            Well I was wrong. I don't know what affects the name on the server. My bad.


              anyone else have any clues on this? thx!


                Right now, does it just basically show the file name?
                like CTF-MapName.ut3 shows up as CTF-MapName?
                Or are there examples where this is not the case?
                Care to point me at one? I could probably figure out where the name is set if I had an example of it happening...

                Also, does it show this alternate name when browsing maps offline, in instant play or whatever?


                  Hi, I'm sorry about this very delayed information.
                  I opened UTMaplist.ini and modified each "MapName" to "MapName?Extra Info"


                  This is the display result.

                  Each number shows the recommended playes of each maps.
                  I think it is a little awkward, but working tolerably.

                  Problem is "no one come to my server to see this Maplist in 2016".