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Any good static mesh websites?

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    Any good static mesh websites?

    Having considered the rather lacking supply of meshes that came with UT3, Iv'e started looking for downloads of free static meshes for use in the map I'm working on. Does anyone know of any good public domain 3D model repositories that could potentially be a good resource for UT3 mappers/modders?

    I have not seen any Unreal Engine/Game Design specific 3D model sites.
    Perhaps someone else may know of a link to an Unreal specific model site.

    Most of the online 3D content sites will require that you own a high-end 3D application such as Max or Maya in order to export the mesh in .ase format as required by UnrealEd.

    You will also find that almost all 3D content sites do not contain meshes that are correctly designed for use in UnrealEd, which basically means they are designed for 3D rendering not video game use, and may require extensive editing to fix up or reduce poly counts, and they will not have any Lightmap UV channel, Simplified Collision, etc.

    Google will find you dozens of sites.

    3D Cafe
    3D Plants
    3D Export

    And you can find a pile of links on LODBook


      I have been using Google 3D Warehouse, ShareCG, and Blender Model Repository. Most of the models at these sites are Creative Commons or Public Domain, but usually not properly prepared for UEd, like DGUnreal has noted. I have been converting, modifying and preparing them with Blender.
      There are thousands of freely download-able models here, as well:
      The rights/usage statement on this latter site is confusing to me - I am not sure if it is proper to use them. I think they are French (.fr ?) and it says something about "widest rights" which may be the same as public domain. They also have an extensive list of sources on their "research database"


        Free Static Meshes

        Currently my site is hosting UPK files and they use materials already within the UDK editor. Be aware though the meshes were created using the 2013-07 version of the UDK editor. Below this version may not display the meshes correctly so be sure your using the correct UDK editor version. They are free to use. All that I ask for is a link in your project to my site: or even a thanks in your credits. If your not sure how to install these meshes there is a tutorial within my site too.
        You can get the meashes at:

        Have fun!