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Reproducing Vivid postprocessing settings in ued

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  • Reproducing Vivid postprocessing settings in ued

    I could never work out why, but when I play my map in the editor it is much brighter than in the game (looked much better in-game).

    Now I realise that it is because I had post-processing set to Vivid in the game options.

    I like how my level looks with Vivid post-processing, but I don't want the player to have to change the setting when playing my map. So I want to set the default post-processing settings for my map to match Vivid.

    Anyone know what those settings are?

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    I don't think that's a good idea. One of the four post-processing settings are always applied, and if a player selects Vivid, its modifications are applied twice, which most likely isn't want you want.


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      If it produces odd effects I won't do it, or at least I won't use all of Vivid's post-processing effects - but I want to darken my entire map to a similar level to what Vivid produces, without having to re-light the entire map.


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        I'd say that you should use the default PP setting for initial lighting and such. Then check the map with other PP settings and see if something looks too odd or wrong.


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          I don't know what any of the PP settings do, which is why I want to start by duplicating Vivid's effect - because the effect that Vivid applies is what I want my map to look like by default.

          Because I didn't realise I had Vivid on, I couldn't work out why the map looked brighter in the editor. I ended up making everything a bit too bright so it would look right in-game.
          I want to alter the map so how it looks now with Vivid, is how it will look without it.