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Importing Custom Anitmated StaticMeshes

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    Importing Custom Anitmated StaticMeshes

    hi im new to learning ut3 and hope you can help me out. i want to import a simple animated mesh from 3ds max to use as a animated static mesh within ut3. currently i can export the model as a ase from max then import it as a static mesh into ut3 but i cant get the animation to work.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    Static meshes can't have animations. That is why they are called "static" meshes. If you want a mesh to have animations, you need to create a skeleton for it in Max, skin the mesh to the skeleton, animate the skeleton, and export the mesh and animations using ActorX. Then you would import the resulting .psk file in the generic browser. Open the skeletal mesh in the AnimSet Editor, create an AnimSet, and import your animations (.psa file) through there.