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Version mismatch problem

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    Version mismatch problem

    Hi everyone!

    A guy who downloaded my map (DM-Meditation, link found in the signature ) gets a problem when he wants to use it on his server.

    This is the error he gets:

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any topics related to this error. Does anyone know this error and even better: anyone got a solution for this?


    Most likely, there is a copy of that file that shouldn't be. Check the Binaries folder (where the actual game is) and anywhere in My Documents/My Games. Delete any copy you come across since that file should only be in Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\CookedPC\Effects\ and no where else. Start with your PC and then check the PC or server he loaded it on.

    Edit: Other thoughts . . . Most likely, it is on his PC or server . . . either that or it is the download bug we can get on warfare maps and vehicles (fixed in the forthcoming patch).


      Make sure the my games/ut/utgame/cache is empty, people always forget that one and normally contains the issue.


        Tnx for the replies guys!
        I found one copy of the file in the my documents folder.
        I rebuilt and recooked my map. Hope it worked!