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Editor eats my CPU for breakfast.

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    hmm a possible idea.

    Im not the biggest expert but try setting your Ued priority to high?
    im on a P4 3.0 Ghz 1 gig of ram 500 core 512 8500 and i run at 30% cpu use.
    i also get 58 FPS at 4/5 world detail and texture detail. so i've left Ued at medium. at High, it would freeze at building static lighting with a sky light, i couldnt really figure out why; So i looked into the possibility of it being the blocking volume as it was an additive world with a skysphere. After i moved it out of the blocking volume it stopped freezing. Although, its possible it was just in a **** spot (the skylight) and it needed to be moved.. ive been using the unreal editor since i was 11 on original Unreal way back, im now 20 and i can honestly say this unreal editor is just bleah compared to the Ued ut2004, i feel quite limited and there are just too many bugs yet. my best advice is move any skylight you may have turn your editor details to low or medium, set your ued priority to high and give it a go, however - honestly you should consider some anti virus programs because your on a much better cpu than i am and your using more CPU than I, try AVG free, Spybot.
    Just my two cents.


      Originally posted by Odedge View Post
      But a 100% with no map loaded and you're just selecting a viewport? ... this doesn't make any sense that any program would use that much CPU all the time.
      Trust me. I don't post unless I know what I am talking about.

      The editor doesn't detect idle time so it doesn't run slower when it "isn't busy" or when the map is "empty". It is basically always running "full speed". See this tip.

      Originally posted by Odedge View Post
      When I build a map or play the game, the CPU usage fluctuates between 55-100%. But when I am using a viewport, it's always 100%. This tells me something's very wrong.
      Nothing is wrong. It is by design, and explained in the page I linked above.

      Originally posted by Odedge View Post
      While your c2d is probably faster because of the FSB it can handle and other things, the numbers you get make more sene to me.
      The C2D architecture has better performance than the P4-D, so a C2D will always be faster with the editor (when comparing comparable clock speeds and system configs).

      Originally posted by Odedge View Post
      I just started playing BF 2142 and my computer doesn't handle the game very well (especially on the titan). My buddies says it's time to get a better processor/RAM/Motherboard. If what you say is true of all Pentium 4-Dual core, now I have 2 reasons to upgrade. I just don't want to reinstall windows again for the 4th time this year! Just to be sure DGUnreal, do you know that HT and P4-D CPUs will run the editor at 100% from personal experience? I just want to be very clear of the situation before I seriously think about upgrading these core parts!
      Most newer games want high-end systems.

      P4-D's also run really hot compared to C2D's.

      I guarantee that P4's, P4HT's, P4D's and even many C2D's will run at 100% CPU when the editor is active. This is normal. If you want to consistently run below 100% you will need at least a quad core.

      If you are trying to do anything serious with gaming these days I recommend:
      - C2D 3GHz E8400 or 2.4GHz Q6600, preferably quad core, faster if you can afford it.
      - 4GB RAM for 32-bit OS's and 8GB RAM for 64-bit OS's.
      - minimum 800MHz FSB/RAM. Get good quality RAM like Mushkin.
      - either an NVidia 8800GTS 512MB or ATI HD3870 minimum video, preferably higher video like the 4870.
      - A really good power supply. Too many people cheap-out on this and it is really important for performance. I use Mushkin supplies.

      It comes down to how much you want to spend and what type of performance you want. See this tip for what I recommend as minimum.

      You also want to use really good coolers on your system if you are doing a lot of gaming and editing. I build my own systems using top-quality components (see my sig), but I've been doing high-end computer design and corporate IT work for many years. Both of my main systems are running Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heat-pipe coolers with variable-speed temp-controlled fans, since most games and the editor really push the CPU usage to the maximum. Stock coolers just don't do well enough. FYI: I buy all of my computer parts from NCIX.

      Originally posted by Odedge View Post
      Is there any reason why the editor would run using less CPU on Vista 32 bit compared to XP 32 bit. This problem of the computer completely locking up only happens while using the editor and only seems to be happening in the last 2-3 weeks. It could relate to something technical (CPU is wearing out? ) as I have mapped for many hours before with out my computer freezing up.
      XP and Vista should be similar performance. I run both here and have seen very little difference.

      Lockups can be any number of things. Note that BF2142 is a real dog for crashing. It has to be one of the flakiest games I've played, I can barely keep it running well even on very stable systems. And all of my gamer friends who are playing it have the same problems with it.

      As far as the UT3 Editor stability, make sure you have patch 1.2 installed, make sure you are using the latest video drivers, if you have 2GB RAM or less there can be issues with crashes when loading too many packages, etc., but be aware that there are still some quirks in the editor so if you do certain things it doesn't like it may crash. This can also corrupt the LocalShaderCache files which then require deletion.


        Thanks everyone for the feedback. It's helping figure out what is the problem and what to do next. My CPU/Motherboard/RAM is almost 3 years old, which seems to be the time limit for me to upgrade.

        I am just a bit hesitant as BF 2142 is a 2 year old game and I don't spend a lot of time making maps. If BF 3 (or something similar came out), then I would easily consider a major upgrade (CPU/Motherboard/RAM/Power Supply & possibly a new video card (though I just bought this one earlier this year to help run Crysis & UT 3).

        I don't mind the CPU running at 100%, but I do mind my computer freezing up while making a map. Both for the map's and computer's sake. I guess it's time to seriously consider some sort of upgrade.