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UE3 issues :(

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    Be sure to get the Colector's Edition with the DVD tutorial. That will help.
    Also, check out and their Unreal Technology tutorials. A lot are for UT3.

    In the mean time, be sure to set the "SHOW FLAGS" to "Default Show Flags" (It is the downward pointing Arrow two to the right of the eye icon in each viewport.)

    Materials are in packages that the Generic browsers displays. The name of each package is on the left column. Be sure to the right click and "Fully Load" or else some assets will not show up (this was done to conserve memory, etc.). You must select a material (not a texture, not a static mesh, etc.) in order for it to show up as you need.

    More packages can be found by using the Generic Browser's Open > File and searching the folder "Environments"

    I am leaving out at least 101 details that the tutorials cover.

    If that doesn't get it, post a screen shot of the problem. Maybe a visual will help.

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  • started a topic UE3 issues :(

    UE3 issues :(

    I feel that I have a really good idea for a map (or at least, a fun one). I know the very raw basics of the UE3 program, but still I have been running into difficulties;

    When I create a brush the brush does not appear with the default texture. Or rather, I can't seem to be able to get out of wireframe mode no matter what I press. It still comes up as a wireframe with no texures.

    And somewhat less of a problem, where are all the materials located?