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Rigging Nightmare :)

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    Rigging Nightmare :)

    Hey all

    I've hit a snag rigging and exporting this fella into unreal 3. The idea is to plonk this as a skeletal mesh into matinee and make a short movie eventually

    I've had no problems getting your generic skeletal rigged characters into Unreal 3. With Unicron I've used a linked objects hierachy rather than a bone rig with skin/ physique modifier.

    I've uploaded some videos to youtube, sorry if they are a bit small but you can fullscreen to see more of the problem.

    Illlustration of the problem

    It seems that quite a bit of the translation is being lost on some axis are being lost. I'm guessing actor x can't read them or unreal 3 simply can't handle some axis movement?

    Video Showing Hierachies

    Other than this straight forward link setup I've tried throwing dummies into the mix but it had no affect. I've checked my keys in max and other basics like xforms with no luck.

    Many thanks for any help


    Hey, Greg, I had a look at the video of the problem before I went to sleep last night. There should be a checkbox in the Mesh/AnimSet viewer to allow bone transformations in the animations, that should be what you're looking for.


      For others here it is

      Tick off the 'bAnimRotationOnly' on the 'animset' tab in the animset editor

      Thanks Alex