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Low-grav volumes and bot pathing

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    Low-grav volumes and bot pathing

    For my map, i was hoping to add a slow field, like in say, Deimos, where it's similar to a tunnel of lower gravity. I can most likely find out how to make the volume, but will the bots be able to "climb" up the tunnel, with regular pathing? Does it involve some sort of lift enter/exit like on elevators?

    open deimos in the editor and look at how epic did it.


      hmm, ok. however, i don't see deimos in the files to open....


        its in the location you installed UT3\UTGame\CookedPC and then either Maps or Private\Maps


          i wrote this tutorial for bot pathing on another editor site, hope it helps......

          Bot Pathing / Bot Paths
          Tutorial written by Neocane

          Alright, i'm no pro but i've just finished pathing bots for my map and after watching some of tutorial videos, it's not really that hard. i'll try to explain it as simply as possible and hope this helps some of you who may not know how to do it yet.

          To begin with, any pickups you place in your map, such as weapon factories or health or armor or ammo pickups, are all considered "path nodes" by bots. as told in the tutorial video put out by epic, that is a two-fold purpose, firstly so you will have these items in your map and secondly, so the bots will automatically go to these items just as you would. so keep in mind as you place these items that bots will be going to these points as well. i have found that "line of sight" seems to play a large factor in whether or not a path will be created between two points when you click on "build paths" at the top of the map, so if you place 2 pickup items and then try to build paths and nothing happens between them, try either moving one item or the other to a point where you can see both items at once.

          When moving one item or the other doesn't seem like a good idea for the purposes of your map, simply "right-click" on a spot between them and click on "add actor", then "add pathnode". then when you build paths, you should see lines connecting all three items! when you place a path node, try not to set it too close to either another item (brush or mesh), or too close to an edge. if you get a warning when placing a path node that says "bad size", it usually means that you have placed it too close to an edge, or item. just move it a bit away or raise it up a little and you should be fine. if after doing so you still get this error, try re-building paths and likely as not, your error will be gone.

          Something else i have learned, when placing path nodes for the bots to follow, make sure that the nodes create a strait line that doesn't run right along an edge the bot could fall off of. the bot will either fall or move very clumsily along the edge and it doesn't look very natural.

          As suggested by other members, bots will indeed use jump pads as path nodes also, so there isn't anything special needed to enable bot use.

          However, elevators are not recognized by bots without a "lift center" and a "lift exit" placed accordingly. first off, open your generic browser and click on the "actor classes" tab. then almost halfway down the list you will see "NavigationPoint", click on the down arrow to expand that list and you will see "LiftCenter", click it and then go to a lift (or elevator) and right-click on the InterpActor (the lift mesh) and from the drop down menu near the bottom you will see "Add LiftCenter Here", click that. that's all you need to do for the lift center. now, go back to the generic browser where you found LiftCenter and directly under that, click on "LiftExit" (don't expand LiftExit, just click it), then go back to the lift where you placed your LiftCenter and this time right-click outside of your lift and from the drop down menu choose "Add LiftExit Here". double-click on your lift exit icon you just placed to bring up it's properties window, or simply hit F4 to do so. at the top left corner of that properties window you will see a "lock" symbol, click on that to lock the window to your currently selected lift exit then click on the "LiftCenter" that you placed earlier. while the LiftCenter is still highlighted, go about halfway down the list in the properties window and you will see LiftExit, click on it to open it and below that you will see the 2nd line "MyLiftCenter". click on the green arrow at the far right of that line to add the information for your lift center and now your done with that exit and you can close the property window for your lift exit. finally, click on the lift exit you just placed and "copy" it up to the top of your lift and place it outside of your lift. your now done with the pathnodes for a lift! it may seem a bit difficult the first time, but after that you'll be bot pathing in no time!

          It may help you to know that if you press "P" you will see your bot paths after the engine has generated them from the "build paths" command. notice that they are color coded. the colors are as follows:

          Orange - Flying vehicle path narrow space, not much room

          Light Orange - Flying Vehicle lots of room, wide open

          Light Purple - this will tell the bots they need to perform a high jump to get there, such as with jump boots.

          Blue - Narrow path, not much room

          Green - Normal path

          White - Wide path

          Pink - Very wide path

          Yellow - Forced path

          Purple - Advanced path

          Red - Proscribe path, bots are denied access.

          A "Proscribe Path" would be used if the game engine is generating a path that you simply don't want the bots to use. when you have a path between 2 nodes that isn't going to benefit the bots, or is just plain wrong you can tell the bots not to use it. it's really quite simple to do. just click on the node at one end of the line and and while holding control, click on the node at the other end of the line. next, click on either actor (it doesn't matter which), and about a third of the way down the drop down list you will see "Path Option", click on that and then choose "Proscribe Paths" and then rebuild your paths. now you will notice that the line between those 2 nodes has turned red. this tells the bot not to use that path, just make sure the bot has an alternate route.

          A "Forced Path" is just the opposite and use when the engine isnt making a path between to nodes. use the same method as you did for the proscribe path, except choosing the ForcedPath instead and then rebuild your paths.

          Lastly, i believe they stated in the tutorial video that the furthest distance between 2 nodes that the engine can use to create a path is 1200 game units apart, so keep that in mind also when setting up your bot paths. i apologize if i stated anything incorrectly here and feel free to correct me if you see any errors. i hope this helps somebody else out there to successfully build paths for bots to use their map, good luck folks!


          As for a gravity volume, it's pretty self explanitory. Select a builder brush and make it the size of the area you wish to affect gravity inside of, or make it bigger than the area just to be on the safe side. Once you have your brush place where you want the gravity volume to be, simply click on "Volumes" and scroll down to find the one labled "Gravity volume". Now move your builder brush aside and click on the pink colored volume box which should now be where your builder brush was. With your volume box highlighted, hit F4 to bring up the properties box and click on the Gravity tab. I'm doing this from memory and I'm currently at work, so I may not be exactly correct. To begin with, the volume starts off at stock level so nothing will be affected yet. slowly adjust your gravity level to something like -200 and check it out to see if that's what you want. Then just go back and adjust as needed. Good luck!


            thank you neocane for the explanation. While i knew most of that, it did clear some things up. The thing i'm not sure about though is would there be a way to get the bots to actually see the low gravity section as a way to go up or down, as transportation.


              Okay, I found the deimos level through the private folder (another thanks, didn't know about that) and it seems they use jumplift exits at the bottom, yet regular path nodes in the center of the grav section. I'm just trying to figure out what the jumplifts are connected to, as there is no elevator at all, nothing moving, just the volume


                i think the jump lift exits are just there because you can lift-jump up to the lowgrav tubes, not sure bout that tho.


                  Originally posted by Doctor Salt View Post
                  Okay, I found the deimos level through the private folder (another thanks, didn't know about that) and it seems they use jumplift exits at the bottom, yet regular path nodes in the center of the grav section. I'm just trying to figure out what the jumplifts are connected to, as there is no elevator at all, nothing moving, just the volume

                  Hey there, I have the exact same thing in my map. I tried like crazy putting Volume Pathnodes at every foreseeable position but the bots wouldn't go there. What I wound up doing was making normal pathnodes inside the volume at various heights, right clicking and using Force Paths, and now the bots navigate perfectly (for me, anyway) through the GravityVolumes.