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Shadow going through BSP... help!

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    Shadow going through BSP... help!

    I'm hard at work on my first map, ironing out the final kinks so I can take it out of beta.

    One of the last things that is bothering me is this:

    On each side I have these raptor bays where you can jump-pad up to and fly around and stuff. But what's weird is, the raptor's shadow is showing in the hallway beneath the bay. Maybe some pictures will help.

    Now, that red material is custom made, but it's nothing special...

    How is that shadow getting through there? How can I stop it?

    If you want to take a look for yourself, my map is in my sig.

    Try changing the light shadow style to MODULATE, and then set the ModShadowFadeoutTime to something acceptable, this way it'll disappear when you can't see it, but only for the light above the raptors, otherwise it'll eat performance like nobody's business.


      That... didn't work. I switched the two lights in the room (one by the ceiling, one by the floor) to modulate, and left the modshadowfadeouttime what it was. (3).

      And THEN, for troubleshooting purposes, I tried putting a solid plane-shaped static mesh (I got a roof piece) and put it between the two areas. No difference.

      THEN, I tried moving the lights to somewhere else in the map, so the raptor room wasn't even lit up. No difference!!

      I tried deleting the raptor, which of course made the shadow go away. Putting a different vehicle up there (Goliath) made the shadow come back, but of course, it was Goliath shaped.

      The shadow does not show up in the editor at all. Only when you actually play the map via PIE or in-game.


        AS far as I know there is no way around this error, it is a bug in the engine. Its even worse than you may realize: if a player is on the roof, you will see his shadow of the ceiling of the floor below (boo hisss makes for bad gameplay). If you use a directional light, that will shine right through your bsp and static meshes throughout your map so you can get sunlight illuminating an interior wall of a building or even tunnels buried in the dirt.


          It's not a bug, this is how modulate shadows work. Just use normal types of shadows instead.......


            I started off with normal shadows, which is how I got the issue in the first place.

            I tried modulate at the request of madgobbo, but that didn't change the results at all.