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Help a pc noob with this Editor stuff!

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    Help a pc noob with this Editor stuff!

    Hi all. Sorry to be a pain but im new to pc gaming. I've brought myself UT3 after my girlfriend got herself a nice laptop. I'm loving the game and thought i would have a go at the map editor.

    It took me a while to find(again i'm new)but when i did i loaded it up and followed the 1st few lessons on the extra disc. But right from the start i got stuck. I made myself a room with a light. I was then told to go up to open the generic thingy and go file and open at which point on the dvd the guy had a file called "enviroments" this is not in mine!

    Is this because i need to use the editor while running the game disc?
    Or do i need to open some sort of zipped file that has all enviroments and textures?

    I'm using Windows Vista. All the specs on this laptop are very good!

    Please help an old guy in need!



    If I am not mistaken all files are loaded on the hard drive during installation (check the size of your UT3 folder).
    However not all files are loaded in the memory when you launch your editor - that would be insane!
    However, I am unsure to what 'environment' the tutorial is refering to. There are textures and materials in the game.

    Maybe you could provide the link to the tutorial unless it is forbidden for some reason?


      I just tried to play with mapping a little bit and now I know what you meant. Check the folder:
      it is probably what he meant.


        For some reason i haven't got that folder! I have the cookedpc folder but all thats in it is a custom maps and one other thing in there! I'm lost! Cheers anyway dude


          Program files directory.