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UPDATED! Kismet Stuff: Exploding Barrels, Thunder & Cloud Flash & Demo Map!

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    hit me up on the UOF forum if u still want these files.
    - i apologize i did not see this thread before and im sure you are capable of making the flash + code yourself
    * i do not have these original files, however, if you do want somethign similar or better....
    ^^ thunder, storms, mayeb even a transition or 2 there somewhere + lots of physics + physx stuff etc
    - currently the code for exploding actors can be found in various places - examples of them are in the various minecraft worlds that have been built.

    - i have various coded objects..
    - 1 for exploding. 1 for exploding and re spawning, 1 which gives the level designer a choice to re spawn or not; - a damage causer- a radial blur one for udk and a fake radial blur for ut3, umm i think the poison mushroom i coded had a damage radius and puffing smoke effects.
    let me know, this might tempt me into improving this stuff. - changing the material instance to a damaged version should be np aswel.