NEW! IMPROVED! Blah Blah Blah! Lol! You can now download a map with these Kismet sequences and more (See, I took your suggestion Ambershee )...

It is a very small map set in a rocky desolation where a storm is brewing in the distance. Inside are a few barrels with explosive properties but don't worry, there are warning signs next to each of the barrels and they take a bit of damage before they detonate...UNLESS you take the InstagibRifle from its security case that is. Travel up the lift to the raised walkway and with the Enforcer in your hand step onto the glowing pad. Step off and switch to the Impact Hammer and try again. I REALLY wouldn't recommend trying it with the InstagibRifle you stole...I really, REALLY wouldn't!

The demo map has only 1 player start and no bot paths as it is just for educational purposes.

The map may be downloaded from here:

We now return you to the thread space wasting oversized notes...

Exploding Barrels

This is NOT really a tutorial, it actually comes directly from the notes I made during testing (so I didn't forget HOW to do it again). I did have 3 different versions of this: Just an exploding barrel (no damaged barrel), using 2 barrels (the damaged one hidden) and finally the one shown below having 1 barrel and a texture change. I will be adding to this as I may have made some changes to the barrels Static Mesh properties somewhere...

Kismet: I am assuming you know where in Kismet to find this stuff.

This is the Kismet sequence I set up for the exploding barrel and the damage it causes if it hits you. I used a Barrel brought in as a KActor.

Start off with a KActor Take Damage node (based on the barrel used) and connect it to a Toggle’s “Turn On” input. The Toggle’s “Target” connection goes to the emitter(s) used for the explosion visuals. In my case I have used three emitters, one for a good sized explosion, the second for fragments (the Flack secondary explosion) and finally a Vehicle Death that throws out debris. The bAutoActivate function of each emitter is turned off. When the Toggle gets a signal from the KActor Take Damage node the emitters will fire.

The output of the Toggle then connects to a Play Sound node and a Set Material node. The Play Sound node plays the sound for the explosion and because it is connected to one of the emitters attached inside the barrel the sound is focused at the barrel. The Set Material node is what I used to switch the barrel’s stock texture with the one I modified for the ruined barrel effect and is set to that material by the user. The “Target” connection leads to the KActor Barrel that the KActor Take Damage node is based on. The “Output” of the Set Material node is connected to the “Input” of the Cause Damage Radial node which causes a splash damage effect around the barrel as well as blowing the barrel into the air. The emitter that I have attached to the Cause Damage Radial node can be used to control the direction the barrel takes when it explodes. Just move the emitter around until it blows in a direction you may want it to go. Since the emitter is the center for the damage it will push the barrel away when activated.

That is what I used for the exploding barrel in Kismet. The next part simply adds damage to a player if they get hit by the barrel after the barrel has exploded. Using a KActor Touch node (again, based on the barrel used), connect the “Touched” output to the “Input” of a Cause Damage node and internally set the node for the amount of damage you think the barrel should cause. There is an Object Variable representing the player (???) and it must be attached to The “Instigator” connection on the KActor Take Damage node, the KActor Touch node, the Cause Damage node and the Cause Damage Radial node. When the barrel explodes, a player can take damage if they are too close to the explosion or if they get hit by the barrel afterwards.

Something that I noticed about the barrel and it causing damage in flight is that sometimes it hits you without causing damage, most noticeably when the flat ends hit you. This may be related to the problems that occur allowing you to go “inside the barrel”, possibly due to how the collision works. I have activated bPawnCanBaseOn in its properties but still get the occasional view from “inside the barrel” if I crouch and push against it.


This will NOT go into how I made the texture or set it up in the material editor. It is simply here for a Before and After idea of the barrel. I used textures from UT3 and modified them in a paint program I had (seldom used so I had to look for tutorials on the web on doing what I wanted to do). I used the Barrel texture and a decal texture for a generic hole. After the paint program did the old “Abracadabra Presto Change’o” bit and I imported everything back into the UT3 Editor and set it up, I had this…

After the explosion I was pleased to see that I now had this…

Oops! I sure hope they don’t make me pay for that….