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UPDATED! Kismet Stuff: Exploding Barrels, Thunder & Cloud Flash & Demo Map!

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    Well, you don't HAVE to download it.

    There is a thread in this forum that has a link to the file...around 720 megs. If it is the one I had I was unable to do the breakable objects and as far as the tutorials go, I had no tutorials! It said tutorials but never found them, just the example maps. Otherwise look for AGEIA PhysX Extreme UT3 Mod-Pack.msi which has two maps (Lighthouse is nice for broken glass and walls) or AGEIA_UT3_Master_Installer.exe which is what I had and includes demo maps for all sorts of stuff (it is actually a larger version of the first one). I wonder if NOT having the Physx Card kept me from doing the broken mesh and Bridge tutorial. Otherwise you may have to make your own static meshes and textures for the broken parts (to look really good that is).


      Just tried making the thunder thingies the same way you did in your example map, it looks perfect!

      but it could use some lighting flashes aswell (thunder beams). Would appreciate it if you made a quick tutorial on how to make that aswell :P


        Glad to hear it worked well for you. Heh, haven't played with it (Lightning) yet but there are two ways that come to mind:

        1st way is to use the static mesh sheet again and just use a lightning texture on it in the same way as the cloud flash (turn the sheet towards the player).

        2nd way is to combine a texture like the ones for the cloud flash with a texture for lightning and put them in an emitter and trigger that.

        Maybe even combine both?

        Either way should work. If you use the emitter idea make several different ones and randomly trigger them. If you can find the Ageia Physx Map "Lighthouse" I believe that is how they did it in that map.


          The Envy Effects packages have a lightning effect.


            Thanks for the help, managed to get some pretty good lightning beams (static meshes from the EnvyLevelEffects2 package), you'll see the result when I decide to release my map, might post some screenshots before if anyone want to see it


              I would be happy to see some pre-release shots!


                There's how the lightning strike look ingame, however... it's only there for a very short period so it looks way better in action. Also, the thunder cloud didn't get screencapped in this picture.

                About the map, it's a large sized CTF map with 2 symmetrical bases. Well, it's an improved version of my map CTF-Athea, but it looks and plays completely different.


                  Wow! I want to take the second screenshot and make it my desktop picture...I can't do lighting to save my soul.

                  Which way did you do it, mesh or emitter? I was checking CTF-Lighthouse before I left for work and dug into their lightning, good implementation but not as pretty as it could be. They used a lightning fork texture that was in red green yellow and blue (I think) and in the material editor washed out the colors and then some "colors" were strengthened and others dropped so it looked like the lightning fork was moving. I may want to play with that some as it could lead to VERY cool effects.

                  By the way, did I mention I want that screenshot for my desktop? I GOT it!


                    Hehe, glad you like it. Here's how I did it:

                    I took the lightning mesh from Envy_Level_Effects_2 called S_Lightning_Beam_001/002, placed it at a point where I wanted a lightning strike, scaled it up too 1000 times bigger than it was before :P. Looked up it's material in Envy_Level_Effects_2 called M_Lightning_001. Copied everything from it, made a new material and pasted the other material. Modified the stats of the Constant3Vector to

                    R - 0.550000
                    G - 0.550000
                    B - 1.000000

                    saved the material and applied it to the lightning meshes.

                    Then I copied your "Toggle Hidden" (Turn Flash on/off) Kismet script and picked the lightning mesh instead of the cloud mesh. Made some delay options - Max - 0.400000, Min - 0.250000 to make the lightning mesh only appear briefly.

                    I've also got a proper sound like you did in your example map, and it's set to go off slightly after the lightning strike has showed.

                    I've also used the same way you did for randoming the thunder and I've got 5 different sets of it.


                      That looked like a very nice effect, in keeping with the rest of the scenery. I am working on a map based off of the Demo map (I have NEVER used that style before, although it is popular) and want to try some variations. Had a few people at work comment on my "Pretty/cool" desktop (your screen#2)...although some wanted to know why there was a GUN in it!

                      If you make changes to the Kismet (I hope people do) maybe a pic would help out others too. There is a lot of variation in the way people do things with Kismet and I keep grabbing maps to see what was done now.


                        I have 1 thing I could use some help with, I copied your toggleable light and all kismet things for it... it works like it should but I would like it to giva a brighter flash, could you explain how I should do this?


                          If I remember correctly, go into the matinee data for the light and just raise each "bump" or just raise the whole "wave". I dont think my brightness goes above 1 anyaway. Or, try changing the Max min radius value in the light properties itself, that might give the illusion of more light but the matinee data is where I would change the brightness.


                            Ok so I decided to remove all thunder effects from my map, they looked good while playing in editor game, but when I had cooked the map it looked like **** :P, probably cause the lightning texture was set to "Effect", I tried making my own texture for it but it looked even worse.

                            Atleast I got abit better fps @ the outdoor area while playing my map.


                              That texture looked bad then when cooked? There is also a lighting "fork" in the ageia Lighthouse package as well. I experimented with lightning for awhile (not the cloud flash) and only got fair results when used waaayyyy in the distance lol. But no one would notice it due to the layout of the map I was playing with.


                                Does anyone have a copy of the original Kismet+demozip file? - its long gone from FF