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Static meshes and LOD

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    Unreal does not tessellate your meshes. It does have the ability to sample more points when calculating lighting, but that is purely done during development and wouldn't change the performance of your map.

    Static Meshes do have LOD ability. I think you will find the functionality for importing LOD meshes in the Static Mesh browser.

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  • started a topic Static meshes and LOD

    Static meshes and LOD

    Just throwing this out there, but does anyone know if static meshes support distance-based Level of Detail? That is, as you move farther away from a static mesh, it switches to a lower-poly version of itself to boost performance?

    Also, this maybe related, but I read that Unreal3 automatically tessellates Static Meshes to improve Vertex lighting. Is there a way to disable this? A high polygon-count is totally killing my map's performance (large, outdoor ) and you can only do so much with CullDistance...