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Trouble With UED Crashing Got You Down?

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    Trouble With UED Crashing Got You Down?

    I guess so. You're reading this post. lol.

    First let me make it clear that this is from my experience only.

    If you are having crashing problems with UED, especially when rebuilding lighting, then try this trick. It has eliminated over 99% of my crashes with UED.

    After you have made your edits in UED, save your map. Then from the File/Recent menu, reload the same map you are working on. That's it. This little trick works every time for me. Clean builds with no crashing. Reloading obviously clears out the memory cache and any potential corrupted data.

    I had always suspected that UED was a bad memory/data manager. All it took was to make a lot of lighting parameter edits, hit the Build All button, and UED was bound to lockup a few seconds into the building lighting portion of the build. The only solution was to force quit. Once you restarted UED it would build OK. Now I edit as much as I like and no lockups.

    Here's another trick about saving your map. You know the Save icon in the menu bar? The little floppy disk icon? Well right next to it is another Save button. It is the multi floppy icon and is for saving multiple map levels. This is the one I use. Even though I only make single level maps. It does the two most important functions. It saves your map and, it saves your internal package as well. With one click.

    Both of these methods have been saving me loads of time, I hope that it helps some of you. Later.