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Exploded Barrel texture incompetence...

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    Exploded Barrel texture incompetence...

    Subject kind of says it all...

    I have been working on blowing things up, modifying, distilling and generally just trying to make it as simple as I can. I have an exploding barrel that explodes, shoots out debris and bounces around the room causing you damage if it hits you. I went through several variations of this to get it clean and tidy,BUT, there is a way to simplify it even more.

    I would like to take the barrel texture:


    And place on it or combine with:

    DecalMaterial'Envy_Decals.Impact_Decals.DefaultImp actDecal'

    Then I can swap textures during the explosion so the barrel has a hole after the explosion (with a bit of smoke coming out).

    I CAN do it using a Decal projected on a second HIDDEN barrel at the same location (a second barrel is used only because the decal can not seem to be hidden via "toggle hidden" and I have found NO info on using a "dynamic decal" system as is used in the weapons hitting walls etc.) But then I can't move the SEEN barrel around for a number of reasons. It does look good though.

    So the BEST bet is:

    One KActor Barrel (with explosive tendencies ), swap textures in mid explosion and dodge the ruined barrel before it hurts me!

    Finally the Question is: Is there a clear example somewhere on how to do this (udn Material editor/decal caused a desire for lots of beer )

    Using the material editor, I assume I would first need to copy the barrel texture and decal texture structures into a new material slot in my map and then arrange things so the decal is the size I want, where I want it...but after a few tutorials (such as Hourences) I am still fairly clueless and brain dead. I was hoping to post a test room with the barrel and Kismet so people could use it as a prefab if they wanted.

    Thank you for your time in reading this post!