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Created a model in Max...what now?

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    Created a model in Max...what now?

    So I have been digging for info on what my next step is supposed to be. I know that I am needing to place texture on my model (and add animation if needed) then import it into UnrealEd. As far as the steps I need to take, I am at a loss.

    Do I texture the model in Max and import it into UnrealEd? Do I create a UV map for the model in Max, create the texture in Photoshop and wrap it in UnrealEd? I am really at a loss.

    I have searched these boards and didn't really find anything. I searched on google (still searching atm actually) and the stuff I pull up is just all over the place. I haven't been able to find a 'step-by-step' guide for making a model and getting it into UnrealEd.

    If anyone knows of a website or has a link to some sort of tutorial, that would be great.

    Searching these forums for 3DS Max returned these threads...

    here and here

    This the the link to Fordy's tutorial mentioned in there.


      1: Create Mesh in 3dsMax
      2: UV Map it and save as .ASE
      3: Create Texture in Photoshop/Crazybump what ever.
      4: Import the mesh and the textures from the Generic Browser (File>Import)
      5: Click yes if you want default settings.
      6: Make texture into material (as simple as you want it to be)
      7: Assign Material to Mesh by rightclicking on the mesh (when its placed in level) and go to Static Mesh Properties and expand material, select the material you wanna use in the Generic browser and press "Use current selection in Browser" back in the Static Meshes Properties.


        Link to selfwritten tutorial on the subject