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Model Unit Size: 3DMax to UE3

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    Model Unit Size: 3DMax to UE3


    Since search has turned up nothing nor has a number of tutorials I've reviewed, I'm curious what scale, etc. modellers tend to use when designing models for the UT3 engine.

    I ask as I'm having a tough time deciding how large a model needs to be in comparison to a player character as I see nowhere that Epic, etc. has referenced the scale used in-game vs a model editing tool. I have downloaded the example models from UDN but the default scale was different and it's not really helping me out all that much to guage how large my building model should be.

    Any help is appreciated.


    An 'Advanced Search' of the UT3 'Level Editing Modeling & Skinning' area for "Player Height" returned a pile of results on the subject...

    plus many others...

    1 Unreal Unit = 2 cm is the base scale.


      **** it I searched for everything but player height; perhaps I should avoid searching forums when it's late at night following a hard day at work . Thank you for pointing it out, both those links you provided are extemely helpful since this is my first crack at not only mapping for UE but creating custom meshes as well. Got the script figured out, now time to turn my attention to the artforms which unfortunately are not my strong suit.