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    Tried to make a tutorial, but codesc and recorder gave me some trouble Hopefully you will be able to see whats gooing on and understand what Im saying!


      Excellent video Tabu. Easy to understand and follow!

      How do the protals interact with instant fire guns in your map? In my maps, I can shoot a vehicle and get it to move with the shock rifle beam, but it doesn't damage it.

      Also, have you tested it in multiplayer?


        Unfortunatly I have not tested for stuff like this, I have seen missiles run throug it, but I do not know how it acts in Multiplayer. I did this a s a school project, and was pretty much pressed for time, so I did not test anything.. I just made it


          Originally posted by Flylikeamouse View Post
          Tried it out and shooting still doesnt work. Stand in the connecting passage and shoot either portal with the flack cannon.
          You will see the flack shrapnel fly between the two portals through the dividing wall. It doesnt come out the other side like its suposed to.

          AHHHHH ok, i moved the portals so they are only 1 unit appart and now you can shoot through perfectly.
          The problem was it was going through P0 coming out of P5 going straight into P4 to P1 back to P5 and staying in that infinite loop.
          I still can't shoot through them, no matter how far apart they are it still glitches.


            I got the weapons to shoot through it, but I'm wondering, is there a way to rename the UTportals, because I want to be able to make more teleporters without getting confused.


              GREAT! It doesn't work multiplayer. Only the host can see the wrapzones, even when the map is cooked.


                I am wondering how to randomize the destination of a portal. Is that even possible? if so, how do I do it.

                thank you in advance



                  Confusion sets in

                  I got portals to ALMOST work following your instructions.
                  Tabu, your video made everything much clearer, but I am stumped as to
                  how I can accomplish a similar but opposite effect.

                  I am trying to have my portals set up to create an endless hallway effect, where the player can keep running forever in the same absolute direction, rather than running south and coming out facing north. I want them to continue going north as they pass through.

                  Following your instructions, I was able to get the movement to work the way I wanted, but I can't get the portals to display the parts beyond. It shows the back side and I need to see the front side going the same direction.

                  Any idea how I can do this? I'm thinking I may have to set up a third portal on both sides to view through, but I don't think I should have to have 4 portals to make a 2-way portal that runs the same direction (instead of opposing directions like yours is situated).

                  It has to be done this way in actuality because I'm trying to make a world map that will "wrap around" like in Final Fantasy 7


                    Okay I got it straightened out and it works (yes, even with enormous portals ! )

                    I came up with a mantra of 3 rules to go by to help others not be confused:

                    1. The camera wireframes attached to the UTPortal actors are backwards. When you're viewing the world across sister portals, you're looking out of the destination portal's front, which is the camera's back end.

                    2. You go into the back side of the source portal, and exit out the front side of the destination portal. In other words, your view portals are sisters with each other, but your teleport portals have to be have the view portals as their sisters too.

                    3. Make sure your view portal - teleport portal pairs are not "crossing" each other, but standing back-to-back (again, remember which way is forward )

                    hope this helps others who's had difficulty keeping it all straightened out.


                      Nice tutotrial. Just note that portals do not work on network games (it work but on server side only)


                        i saw this in the thread front page and thought - fantastic..

                        Then i read the last comment...

                        ** Elcrolonosios is probably correct.

                        I doubt this will work in online game modes: also seems very complex.

                        -OBJ - teleport 1 --- url teleport 2....
                        - obj- teleport 2 --- with no Url = one way - easy stuff


                          it's a shame it's broken for online play and so complex compared to 2k4's warpzones, i made some hilarious noobmaps back then involving this stuff.