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    Maya Texture Export & Normal Map


    Im modeling this time a few Static Meshes in Maya for UT3, and got a few problems, so really hope you can help me.

    the first thing is, if I Model something in Maya...

    - how did I have to export the Model with ActorX that it Keeps the Textures I layed on the surfaces? And can i make Maya, create from all these textures a Single UV Texture, which I Only need to lay on the static mesh, and everything is good?

    I followed this tutorial:

    It is for UT2004, and works excellent. I tryed the same @ UT3, but it didnt work like it shouldt. I dont know why, at Point 11 you need to paste the pakage.Group.TextureName in Maya, and i think theres the Problem. Couse Maya replaces all my . throuh _

    the second thing is, how to Create in Maya some Normal Maps of a High poly Model, and put it on a Low poly Model... is that possible with Maya, or did i need some 3rd. Party Programms? someone knows a tutorial or something like that? I spent hours, with searching @ google, but without any result.

    at last, sorry for my horrible english
    Thanks Guys

    As far as texturing goes ... make a model, Unwrap it, Export your unwrap and then once you have it painted up import it back into maya and apply it to the model and everything should be fine and funky from their ... as far as normal maps go, Maya can make them but it's not too hot at it really, Although i've only used Maya 7 and can't comment on newer versions, Anyone??, You may be better off finding yourself another 3rd party app to make your normal maps in. As far as i know both Nvidia and ATI have software available for free that can create normal maps.

    Edit: Don't forget you can't just apply a basic texture to a model in Unreal Editor now, You must apply a Material/s to your models instead!


      When used correctly, Maya is pretty good for making normal maps. I haven't until very recently had much success. One of the big things I learned was if you've got an object made up of smaller pieces that are all normal mapped it often helps to separate them in maya before you use the Transfer Maps functionality.

      You will probably find this walkthrough quite helpful. It doesn't answer all of your questions, but as long as you create a material, you can tie all of your textures to it and it will work just fine.