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Tutorial: XSI to UT3 - Basic Animation

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    Tutorial: XSI to UT3 - Basic Animation

    I just finished uploading Part 1 of a tutorial to Veoh that covers how i got animation from Mod tool into UT3. Not the best tutorial in the world but it was just a quickie for a couple of friends and i thought it might of of use to somebody else.

    I will upload a zipped version of the video to FileFront tonight and then adjust this post with a link when it's done.

    Part 1 covers :

    Creating and Enveloping a basic skeleton.
    Basic Keyframe animation.
    Export to PSK and PSA.

    Veoh : XSI Mod Tool to UT3 - Basic Animation Part 1.

    One thing i will point out straight away is that before export you may need to invert the model/mesh normals :

    To invert the normals of faces in Mod Tool go to the Module Menu and choose:

    Model > Surf. Mesh > Invert Normals.

    Good luck, Part 2 coming soon.