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Custom character rig - seeking help!

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    Custom character rig - seeking help!

    I know some of you must be fed up with these questions but I've trawled through the forum alot and can't find the answers.

    Thanks in advance for any help I recieve, I really do appreciate it!
    Once I find the answers, I'll pull them into a post for others to benefit from.

    These are the questions I have;

    1) Can we create custom rigs/skeletons yet and how?
    By how, I just want to get an idea of restrictions and of essential elements.
    I can get a custom rigged object into the UT3 Ed and see it animated.
    I would like to know how to get a custom rigged 'character object' regnized as a custom playable character.

    2) Can we use custom animations yet?
    I have been messing about using the Maya Male, Female and Krall rigs.
    I have a desire to realize a particular character/set of characters, but by the very nature it needs custom animations.

    3) Do I need to create the equivalent animations for a character to work?
    I have seen the anim sets used by the male/female and krall rigs - there is alot of them

    4) How do I get the game to recognize these anims and get them to play correctly?

    An imaginary beer for anyone that helps me out!


    1. yes you can, with a lot of work, depends on what sort of rig you need but anything is possible.
    2+3. yes you can, you'll have to all the character anims and name them the same as the UT3 anims.
    4. via code

    you can't have searched much as all that info is available here on this forum and in the tutorials on my mod site


      Thanks for the feedback, this is all the info I needed to keep going. I'm not scared of alot of work, just knowing that it is possible helps alot!

      There is alot of entries on this site and useful info is hidden away in obscure posts.
      It gets buried very quickly under tons of, 'how do I?' posts. erm, like mine.

      Maybe the forum mods could make a Sticky for character, env, and vehicle mods?
      Just a thought.

      Again, thanks for the reply and your patience, I'll study the tutorials and your site well.



        As far as I can tell, I beleive my Samus is the first user created character to use custom rig and animations. Just need to warn you of one thing though, it's not working on PS3 yet. So be aware that anything that works on PC doesn't necessarly port easily on PainStation3.