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Outdoor water - a cheeky request

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    Outdoor water - a cheeky request

    Hi all,

    I've created a coastal level and I have been trying to add the sea.

    I've followed Hourences' outdoor water tutorial a few times now to try the water material but I can never get it working.

    I know it is a bit of a cheeky request but does anyone have the workign material packaged up? I've got a big deadline coming up (yup I get to make UT3 levels at Uni ) and I don't have time to keep going through the tutorial.

    Cheers in advance, hope someone can help.


    Why not just use one of the existing Materials in the UN_Liquid package? There are a few really good ocean style Materials in there. Plus you can Instance some of them to tweak their settings, or simply copy/paste the Material expressions into your own new one to totally modify them.


      I can help you out: outdoor materials are my expertise! Don't follow hourences outdoor water tut: it looks good, but there is a MUCH simpler way to do this.

      Edit: I'm currently rendering a few textures and my comp is running REALLY slow because of it: so I can't show you JUST yet, but in a little bit I'll help out.


        Cheers, any help would be awesome. Like all deadlines there is always too much to do and no time to do it.


          yeah, i dont even bother with hourences any more, some of the tutorials make little sense and some dont work.

          Sorry, didnt mean to bash Hourence there, the tutorials are generally good, just the few.

          For wate i use a bsp box and then just apply a water material to every surface.


            so, send me your E-mail in a PM, and I'll give you the water package.
            The material itself is pretty well documented, but you need your own cubemap, as mine is just a placeholder.