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Melee weapons?

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    Melee weapons?

    Say I've wondered lately that is it possible to create melee weapons like a katana or something? Could I kinda use the impacthammer to make such a thing? I'm atm figuring out how I could make something like that but I don't know anything about the sockets that would be required to make it work as well.
    I would be happy even when I have to see impacthammer effects wich I could adjust later on.

    About the socket issue, is there any site location related to such a thing like a really big list? I've searched the wiki but I haven't noticed anything yet.

    Ty in advance

    Well hmm. Let's break it down a bit. The Impact Hammer runs animations for the first person view, animations for the third person view, and calculates damage and if it hits and what not with code. (Assuming Epic didn't decide to do something really strange with it.) To take notes from Unreal Championship II's melee, you could mix the melee adding mutator with the Action Cam mutator, assuming the creator is okay with it, which would allow you to not worry about first person animations. (Which are difficult for melee weapons anyway.)

    So, assuming there aren't any things that are unique to the Impact Hammer, (I've only worked with the Rocket Launcher and Enforcer) all you would need to do is make a 3rd person weapons mesh, which could be decently simple, (first person mesh too if you don't want to deal with the action cam thing.) make a decent set of animations, which might be a big task, and then set up the code and mutator to tie it all together, which would take a little time but wouldn't be too hard.

    As far as sockets go, have you looked at the socket manager for the Impact Hammer?


      So I must check the socket manager while I open the impact hammer in some kind of package? I haven't searched for that yet that would help alot. I have already done the animation set and the mesh so the only thing to do is like you say the coding and setting up the mutator.

      Ty for your help, I might consider further work on it when there is more detailed information on it.