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Changing a mesh's material input via Kismet, help please

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    Changing a mesh's material input via Kismet, help please

    Ok, I'm currently making a map which has a few flag meshes near each node, I want them to automatically change material once the red or blue team captures the node.

    Could anyone give me some help with this?


    I don't think you can change the material itself.

    What you can do is make a custom material (it's easy to copy an existing material into a new material so you can edit it) and alter the texture sample elements to texture sample param3d elements. Then you create a material instance constant for your material, and you can change those texture sample param3d elements via Kismet.

    There is a guide here:


      Ok, I think I know what to do now, thanks alot for helping. I'll post again if I can't get it to work.


        Mesh to accept material toggle need to be kactor, static meshes do not change (they are static).

        There is also another method for changing material (for eg. on CSG and when you have many meshes to change, and they all have same material).

        You make one instanced material for each team (blue red) (again read up Hourences tut). Then you cange variable of that material , like for eg color values. Works better than changing material on multiple meshes, also works on CSG/BSP material. Variable change for materials can be found in kismet inside "Instanced Material > change variable" or something like that.