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Editor crashes on build

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    Editor crashes on build

    The Problem: If i build my map then it crashes when it reaches "adding build paths to navigational bases" or something along the lines of that. If i build it separately it crashes on build lighting or build paths.

    The side effects: When i try play these levels without building them they freeze after i get into any vehicle including hoverboard, or pickup a weapon or shoot or move too fast and far.

    The weird: On both these maps and anymore i create after this has started the first time i save it it finishes saving and comes up with some buffer shader error.

    The do not comment: Please dont say my comp is simply outdated, its not, i have a hd2600 ati graphics card sapphire and i have pixel shader 3.0.
    This has never happened to be before, i have made about 20 non commercial maps already and now this has started.

    Thx for all help.

    Search is your friend, so far I wrote this like 5 times (so if you do not undestand something, look for other posts about crashing editor):

    Generally there are 3 reasons for editor crash:

    - you saved, or edited epic package, indeed ut3 does not save such package, but it flags it as modified, this sometimes results in confusion for UED so it happily crashes.

    - you made some stupid think for one of actors, like putting name of texture for teleport destination or so (just example).

    and 3rd most common and probably your case: editor corrupted shader cache and you need to clean it.

    First make backup of whole unreal folder in "My documents".

    Then open unpublished folder and manually delete every non map file there inside. Leave only map files and ini files, everything else goes bye bye.

    This should fix your problems.


      Thanks, i will try it.

      Oh, and by the way, i searched for like an hour!


        Then what do i do with the backup, i cant use some of my maps because most of it isn't stock files in them?

        That means i lose all my assets that i have created?


          I had a similar error problem not too long ago. Check for Errors and see if anything comes up. It didn't work for me the last time this happened, but you might be more fortunate.

          Anyways, click on any recently added static meshes, interpactors, and pathnodes and move them or delete them systematically. Just keep undo-ing if nothing odd seems to show, but make sure you do this one at a time.

          Why? Well, when this happened to me, I had a Static Mesh that somehow got duplicated and was overlapping with the matching mesh seamlessly. This is impossible to see unless you move the meshenough for them to not be aligned, or you delete it and viola there's still a mesh there.

          This will screw up your light building because it has no idea how to build lightmaps for those two meshes since they coexist in the same space and calculating shadows on them makes the editor say "WTF?!" and it dies. This can also make the editor crash building paths sometimes because it's hard for the editor to decide if the overlapping meshes will effect the path collisions (whether or not the mesh collision will block the path).

          Same can happen if you have too many overlapping pathnodes. UED can be forgiving with one or two of these if they are just nodes, but if you happen to have 2 overlapping items or teleporters or jump pads, it drives the Editor bonkers figuring out how to not overlap certain paths or trying to calculate 0-length paths. And last but not least, make sure you didn't delete a node that was referenced by another actor, like a PathNode that was a target for a JumpPad or something. The editor will normally clear that field, but I have found that it's not 100% reliable.

          Hope that may help some.


            omg, fixed this weeks ago and its back again after a fresh reinstall, this is gonna drive me nuts!!!!


              The editor is relatively fussy on what you do and how and where.
              Too often mappers do things they shouldn't do because they are not familiar enough with the engine, and this causes problems that escalate over time.
              I have found it to be prudent to save often, and to exit and restart the editor after every three or four hours of working, and to restart the computer after every six to eight hours of working or before running the full UT3 game for map testing. Some times the entire game goes bad after a crash occurs, often requiring a full reinstall. If you prevent the crashes from occurring, this is greatly reduced.
              This isn't entirely the engine's or editor's fault, there are some known issues with the current video drivers from NVidia etc., that cause this as well.
              As with all other games and previous UT versions, additional future patches and newer video drivers should increase the stability.