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weird error when importing a screenshot in UED

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    weird error when importing a screenshot in UED

    Hey guys i have finally figured out how to cook my maps lol all becuase I dint have the editor runnig as administrater DOH!!!!! any way I have got the cooked map and everything and all thats left to do if put a screenshot in for the menu but can I do it can I hell when I open up the editor I open the uncooked version of my map correct??? and then go to the generic browser but when im there do i open anything IE the LOC file that cooking creates or do I just import the screenshot in on its own this is doing my head in all Im getting atm is an error saying "Can't import non-powers of two texture width
    (6554)" I mean what the hell does that mean please someone help me pleasssssseeeeeeeeeee thankyou

    Your texture is the wrong size.

    Textures have to be sizes in powers of two, so:
    2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048
    And so on.

    For the menu thumbnail you want either 512 pixels wide and 256 pixels tall, or 1024 pixels wide and 512 pixels tall.

    You need to import it into the package with the same name as your map, set up a material using the texture and then assign the material to something in your level (something the player will never see like a backface of a brush) so that when you save the file isn't deleted from the package.


      i used 512 by 256 and i get this error what am i doing wrong


        This is what DGUnreal posted on this....

        Adding the Screenshot Texture

        In this section, be sure to always replace the text shown here in brackets with the actual text you will use, in other words, <mapname> means to use the actual name of your map, such as DM-Mymap.

        1. Start UT3. Choose your map from the in-game menu. If it does not show up, make sure you Published the map before doing this.

        2. Take a screenshot:
        - Set the game settings to World and Texture of 5 for best visual quality, select a resolution of at least 1024x768 or 1280x1024.
        - Set the Weapon Hand to Hidden in the Advanced options.
        - Type "showhud 0" at the console to hide the hud.
        - Type "ghost" at the console so you can go anywhere in the map.
        - Press F9 to take the screenshot. The file will be saved in "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Screenshots".
        - Load the screenshot in your paint software.
        - Adjust the brightness, contrast and intensity as desired.
        - Resample the screenshot to 512x256.
        - Save the screenshot to a .bmp or .tga file named as "map-pic-<mapname>.bmp" or "map-pic-<mapname>.tga" eg. "map-pic-dm-mymap.tga".

        Note that you may have to edit the screenshot in photo software to raise the gamma or change the tone curve. Any near-black pixels between 0 and 32 may show as transparent in the game interface and allow the red interface background to show through, appearing as tiny red pixels all over the screenshot.

        3. Import the screenshot into your map package. Do not use a separate package for this.
        - Start UnrealEd.
        - Open your unpublished map file.
        - Import the screenshot texture into your map, specify Package = <mapname> eg. "DM-Mymap", and Group = "MapPic", and Name = "map-pic-<mapname>" eg. "map-pic-dm-mymap".
        - Set "CompressionNoAlpha" to True, set "CreateMaterial?" to True, set "Lighting Model" = MLM_Unlit, set "LODGroup" to TEXTUREGROUP_UI and set "RGB To Diffuse" to True.
        - After the texture is loaded, right-click on it in the Generic Browser and choose Texture Viewer and set the NeverStream property to True.
        - A new Material should be created in your map package's MapPic group. It will look like the default checkerboard texture in the Generic Browser.
        - Rename the material to "MAT_map-pic-<mapname>" (ie. put the MAT_ in front of the name) and right-click and edit the material, move the Texture Sample device so that the material has changed and click on the left green check button to Apply Changes. The material should now look totally black in the Generic Browser, this is because it is unlit.
        - Select a hidden CSG Surface somewhere in your map and apply the material. Alternately, add a simple unused StaticMesh and apply the Material to the StaticMesh Material override property. This retains a copy of the material and your screenshot texture in your map package, which would otherwise be flushed out on the next Save if it wasn't actually in use on some geometry.
        - Save your map.

        4. Set up the ini file for the screenshot.
        - Edit the <mapname>.ini file that was created when you published the map.
        - Change the line:

        PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:UI_FrontEnd_Art.GameTyp es.DeathMatch>to read

        PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:<mapname><mapname>>for example:

        PreviewImageMarkup=<>Basically, just replace the of the default screenshot (UI_FrontEnd_Art.GameTypes.DeathMatch) with your ( of your screenshot.
        Of course use your actual map name and not "MyMap" as shown in these examples.

        Note: the "<" and ">" must be surrounding the entire text string from <Images: to > with your text in between these.

        5. If you have simply applied the screenshot Material to an already hidden CSG surface, then you can proceed to the next step. If you have modified the map to insert a StaticMesh or some other means of adding the screenshot Material, you may have to do a Build All first.

        Here is the link with lots of other tips for you:

        Hope that Hepls everyone.


          thats the tut i have been following and im still getting the same error grrrr im going mad here do you need to take the colour down please i need to sort this


            If you're getting an error saying the dimensions are not powers of 2, then that would be a good place to start looking for problems. The editor does not usually produce that error unless the image does not have dimensions which are powers of two so my guess is that your image needs to be resized correctly.


              What format are you using?


              and what's your depth (Bit) at?


                Check that your depth is 72, that you're in RGB mode and you're saving to powers of 2 and the image should import just fine.


                  i have done all that but no joy... Ive used both and none work... i think its my photo editing software can someone please tell me a good one that will work in vista 64bit thanks


                    I'd suggest posting the texture (if possible).

                    Otherwise, I can't imagine what kind of issue you're running into...
                    Try setting the resolution to equal bits? That is, 1024x1024 or 512x512...


                      Can you post a shot of the texture file itself in the forum so we can look at it.

                      Paint.NET runs under XP 32/64 and Vista 32/64, and is probably one of the best free/open paint programs.


                        i have manage to get it in now.... it was my paint software but what do I do from here
                        and thanks DGUnreal for the nice programme


                          Follow the rest of the directions on this thread.


                            what and were is the texture sampler thing i cant find it


                              Originally posted by bn_avit View Post
                              what and were is the texture sampler thing i cant find it
                              In the Material Editor each device has a name above it. A Texture Sampler is one of those devices.