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    Help with Kismet

    I have a darkwalker in my map and i want an alarm to sound when a player gets in it but i dont know how to do it in kismet? I've had a look at the one in heat ray but im still not sure how to do it? Can anyone help me please

    Pretty easy to do.

    Select the darkwalker.
    Go into kismet.
    Right click and select New Event > Vehicle Factory Event
    Right click on the VehicleFactoryEvent itself and select Assign UTVehicleFactory_Darkwalker
    Just use the VehicleEntered connection to trigger a sound and you are all set.
    That's it.


      Thanks I will try that out later. How do i tell it what sound to play, how loud to play it and how long for though? Sorry im just not that familiar with kismet really? Only done a couple of lifts and doors useing it. Thanks for the help.


        That's a little more hard.

        Overview: First, we need to add a Sound Actor with a Sound Cue to your map. And Second, you'll connect the Sound Actor to the Toggle node in kismet.

        The Sound Cue:
        Use the generic browser and open a sound package such as A_Ambient_Loop (be sure to right-click and fully load if needed).
        You'll have to search for the right Sound Cue or create your own but start with water_rainpuddleexterior01Cue (it is highlighted in Teal, the dark blue are not Cues). Select the Sound Cue.

        The Sound Actor:
        Next is selecting the Sound Actor
        Go to Actor Classes tab in the Generic browser. Select Keypoint > AmbientSound > AmbientSoundSimpleToggleable.
        Next you must insert this actor in your map. Go to your map and right click and place the selected sound actor in your map. Since you also selected the sound cue in a sound package, it should be automatically be used. (you can always go into the sound actor's properties and change the sound being used)

        First part done. Now for the second part: kismet.

        Go into kismet, right click and add New Action > Toggle > Toggle. Go back to your map and select your newly inserted sound actor. With the sound actor selected in your map, right click in kismet on the Toggle's Target and select New Object Var using AmbientSoundSimpleToggleable.
        Second part done.

        Connect the paths and turn on and off as needed.

        I know this sound cue is not what you want, but it is an example and you'll have to search for an appropriate sound cue or create your own sound cue (a whole other topic I hope someone else can help with).


          Thanks really aprieciate it. I'll give it a go when i get home. Thanks for explaining it for me