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modelling/animating a UT3 zombie

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    modelling/animating a UT3 zombie

    I am making a single player horror game in unreal based on resident evil. As far as I know no-one has ever done this before (joke) but are there any zombie/undead models out there?

    I can model and skin a generic zombie (3dmax) however rigging/animation is unknown to me. Is it realistic to rig/animate a zombie myself from scratch in say a week? I literally have no idea of exactly what this involves in terms of time. Ideally i'd like the zombie to have specific animations for attack (arms thrashing at the player), would I have to animate this myself?

    As I can tell if you make a custom player model you just attach it to the rigs in UT3 therefore you don't have to animate anything yourself, would this apply for enemy character rigs?

    Animation and rigging is something I would like to learn eventually one day but my priority now is core level design for a job, any advice would be appreciated, even if it's advisable to pay someone perhaps to do it for me if its a large, specialized task.

    I could give you an example of the time it takes....

    I work as an animator and for me to make a skeletal chain, rigg the character, get the first run cycle done and give him the physical asset it took me about 2-3 days - and I know perfectly well what I'm doing.

    If you're a fast learner, I'd say you'd manage in a week.


      Cheers Denny, just been reading a backlog of posts about rigging and getting a custom character into UT3 and noticed your name popping up quite a bit

      Gonna get cracking on some CG Academy dvd's on rigging I never got round to watching.