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Major problems with BSP

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  • Major problems with BSP

    Hey guys, I have some problems when trying to do BSP for my maps.

    Sometimes, when I add a BSP element into a substracted BSP space, I can see in the editor some kinds of holes forming around the added BSP and its kind of annoying. I'm not sure if I'm clear, but here is a picture to show my case:

    Any idea to fix this? Is there something I do wrong?
    (edit: when I build all or geometry it doesn't fix it and it also shows like this in the game)

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    Those look like BSP Holes or HOMs.
    They occur when the CSG Brush layout constructs incorrect geometry on build. You can usually fix it by changing brush order in that area or simplifying the brush geometry. Shapes like angles, ramps, cylinders and especially spheres cause this more often than clean cubes. Also, always make sure that you are constructing all brushes on-grid and using brush dimensions that are multiples-of-power-of-two (ie, 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, etc.)


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      convert it to staticmesh and save it to the will fix anyholes in the bsp...
      bsp is not made for any complicated brush..even when you put 2 points on the same spot...
      like trying to make a triangle out of a will have holes...just convert it to static and then add the static to the will work


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        OK Thanks this is gonna do for me


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          Originally posted by trojong View Post
          convert it to staticmesh and save it to the mapname
          No you shouldn't do this, for many reasons.
          The main one being that you can then no longer edit it or change the texture UVs.
          You should fix the issue with the CSG design.


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            Actually it really depends on what kind of level you are making. You must start a new map when you start the editor with the option of either subtractive or additive. JIC someone didn't know.

            In my opinion subtractive is the best way to do a level because I haven't figured out what additive is best for.


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              additive is ideal for out door terrain...or space.....where you need plenty of mass to work with
              and you still can change a staticmesh material.........uvs can be done in the material editor


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                seems to me subtractive is calculated user created bsp cuts. nothing else. go outside user created space and you get a hall of mirrors.

                additive is an infinite workspace that is rounded down to what you add to it but it doesnt create the HOM effect when you go out of level. You would just fall forever.

                so above poster is right. subtractive for pure indoor maps. additive for outdoor.

                both are good


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                  Both are the same.
                  The engine is Additive.
                  Subtractive just puts a big 512k^3 cube into the world for you to start subtracting from. Zoom all the way out in wireframe and you can see it.
                  Subtractive takes longer to build because the auto world cube isn't optimized, I posted in another thread weeks ago how to optimize it.
                  For "subtractive" you should always work in Additive mode and just insert a base cube larger than your desired play area to start subtracting from.
                  If you start out in Subtractive, just vertex-edit the big cube so that it is smaller as required.


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                    Originally posted by DGUnreal View Post
                    Subtractive takes longer to build because the auto world cube isn't optimized, I posted in another thread weeks ago how to optimize it.
                    I don't suppose you have the link to that thread handy, do you?


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                      It took a while to find one in the search...


                      There is another post where I cover the steps, but I couldn't find it. You'll have to search for my name by post.