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Warning Terrain>Invalid MaterialIndex 1?

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    Warning Terrain>Invalid MaterialIndex 1?

    I'm getting a new error this one is in the terrain mesh.

    When I do a full compile of map I get this error In map check like this Terrain>Invalid MaterialIndex 1 mymapname TheWworld PersistentLevel.terrain_1

    Then another but MaterialIndex 2 like this

    Terrain>Invalid MaterialIndex 2 mymapname TheWworld PersistentLevel.terrain_1

    Then another same as first one

    My terrain only has one material applied to one terrain layer this has me puzzled as I deleted that other terrain layers that I did have when I was just messing around painting tests.

    How do I fix this error and where is the material index for the terrain?

    Ok this is funny and frustrating (spent to much time on this already) all at the same time as I just recached terrain materials and did a recompile of the map as I did a directional light change wanted to see the results and my warning went away.

    Yeah... I have that issue all the time when using terrain. Upon building you will randomly get that message. A lot of the errors dont actually mean much so just ignore that one


      just got that last night... i don't have the editor open - so this is by memory...

      open the properties for the terrain - click on the terrain, press F4

      open the Layers section to see your terrain material layers (note - this is the properties window - not the window for editing your terrain).

      After opening the layer in question - you should see a box checked called "highlight" or "hilight" - uncheck, close properties, rebuild, rock on

      For me - I deleted the 1st layer of my terrain as I was trying to optimize my map.

      Be sure after a major editing session w/ your map to simply copy it to a backup folder - or keep the auto save on so you can always roll back when you get freaky error msgs.