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    Static Mesh questions


    So I'm working on some custom meshes for my map, and a few of those meshes are quite large in scale, so I have a few questions:

    1. Will non-mirrored UV's cause normal map inversion? ie. if I mirror a piece of geometry but allow the UV's to remain in the same place to mirror the texture and save UV space, will this create problems?

    2. Does it matter what channel my lightmap UV set is?

    3. If I cut up a mesh (after generating normal maps) into smaller components in order to optimise culling, will connected surfaces maintain their shading consistency or will I end up with a sharp line where one mesh ends and the other begins?

    4. I'm using some large scenery-only meshes which extend in positive and negative X from the play field. In +X only one side of these meshes is visible, while in -X the other side is visible. Should I create two versions of this mesh with the invisible sides deleted?

    Thankyou for your help!

    - boon

    1. See


      Cheers! I think I got most of that


        Okay another question: can I have arbitrarily inverted UV's if they aren't overlapping? I'd like to have inverted UV's for a few parts of my mesh just to optimise the UV space.