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Train Interp Actor

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    You cant really just copy and paste objects that have a Kismet reference from maps. You need the kismet reference to make it work.

    It's pretty easy to set up the sequence using matinee, however. Just use the mesh as a mover like you would an elevator or door and animate with matinee.

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  • started a topic Train Interp Actor

    Train Interp Actor


    I'm trying to implement a moving train sequence in my map, and i noticed there was one on the map Heat Ray. I tried copy+paste, but it didn't move like in the level. So i have 2 questions -

    1. What am i doing wrong in the copy paste? Is there something i need to get along with the meshes?

    2. If the copy+paste doesn't work, how do i make my own?

    Thanks in advance,